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Unincorporated Land Use and Zoning Map
Unincorporated Land Use and Zoning Map
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This map was created to allow easy access to the unincorporated areas of Broward County land use and zoning categories. By using the map’s search icon, located in the top right corner, you can search for a property by typing an owner's name, address or folio number. Property information can also be accessed by zooming into the area of interest and clicking on the property.

Disclaimer: Broward County provides this interactive zoning map as a public service. While we make every effort to maintain and distribute accurate information, this interactive zoning map is not considered an official record. Official records take precedence over information contained in this map. The use of this map assumes all risks associated with reliance upon the data it provides. Before making any decisions based on information included in this map, please contact the Zoning Official at 954-765-4400.


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