Affordable Housing

Updated Information

As requested at the December 17, 2015, Broward County Planning Council public hearing, please find more detailed information regarding the proposed affordable housing supply and demand methodology presented by Robert Von. Mr. Von’s methodology and detailed instructions are provided in “Recommended Methodology for Supply & Demand Analysis for Broward County’s Affordable Housing Market,” prepared by Meridian Appraisal Group. For your reference, please find the Meridian Appraisal Group (MAG) Methodology link.  Please note that detailed, step-by-step instructions for accessing, downloading, inputting and analyzing the information is provided within the MAG Methodology. If you need a copy of the referenced excel template, please email Dawn Teetsel at  

As presented at the workshops, Council meeting and detailed in the MAG Methodology, the US Census American Community Survey (ACS) data can be utilized to yield affordable housing supply and demand information for each local government (i.e. Broward County and all of its municipalities). The 2014 ACS data was recently published and should be used with the attached template. Here is a link to the ACS Community Facts webpage as provided in the MAG Methodology: Please follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the MAG Methodology to compute the affordable housing supply and demand analysis for any local government.

Affordable Housing Density Bonuses Adopted May 25, 2006 (PDF)

Affordable Housing Potential Options, Policies and Programs, February 23, 2006 (PDF)

Compendium of Affordable Housing Programs/Policies December 2006 (PDF) 

Overview Hurricane Resistant Affordable Manufactured Housing Options (PDF)

February 17, 2014, Affordable Housing Discussion

Administrative Rules Document - Municipal Comments (PDF)

Administrative Rules Document - Proposed Amendment (PDF)

Administrative Ruels Document - Summaries and Responses (PDF)

PCT 13-1 - 2011 Needs Assessment (PDF)

PCT 13-1 - Definitions, Process and County Correspondence (PDF)

PCT 13-1 - Municipal and Public Comments (PDF)

PCT 13-1 - Proposed Amendment (PDF)

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