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October is Car Care Month

Proper Car Maintenance. It All Adds Up To Cleaner Air

Save Gas -- Save Money -- Save the Environment

Tips to save you money, improve driving safety, and prevent air pollution!

Motor Vehicles & Air Pollution:Man changing a tire
Broward County has approximately 1.4 million registered motor vehicles. These vehicles are the major source of air pollution in South Florida. They emit hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides - which react in the presence of strong sunlight to produce ground-level ozone (smog) - as well as particulate matter and carbon monoxide.

Air Pollution & Your Health:
The pollutants emitted into the air by motor vehicles can affect human health. They can aggravate existing health conditions such as heart disease, and lung diseases like bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. These pollutants can also irritate the throat and mucous membranes, trigger chest pains, coughing, nausea and congestion, and make it harder to breathe.

Lady checking oil in the car Proper Vehicle Maintenance Includes:

• Keep tires properly inflated. Check the pressure in all four tires every 2 weeks. Check the owner’s manual or the label on the inside of the driver’s door, for proper inflation guidelines.
• Check and periodically replace the air filter, vacuum and coolant hoses, oil, oil filter, fluids and belts.
• Follow the manufacturer’s preventative maintenance recommendations for spark plugs, fuel metering system and ignition timing.
• Use the fuel type recommended by the manufacturer.
• Get regular tune-ups (once a year).
• Service should be performed by a certified technician who understands modern emissions control systems.

Driving Tips to Improve Mileage & Reduce Air Pollution:

• Avoid long idles - park instead of using the drive-thru!
• Drive smoothly - accelerate and decelerate gradually.
• Only use the air conditioner when necessary; use the re-circulating air instead.
• Maintain steady speeds. Use cruise control on highways.
• Avoid carrying unnecessary weight in the trunk or on top of the vehicle.
• Don’t rev the engine.
• Don’t “top off” the gas tank. Fuel expands in warm weather and can cause an overflow.
• By re-setting the trip meter each time you refuel, you can keep a log to track your mileage.

Car care saves you money!

Assuming you drive 228 miles per week,* with mileage of 28 miles per gallon,* and fuel costing $3.00 per gallon:*

• For every week your car is out of tune, you could be wasting between $0.60 - $7.00.
• Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking is unsafe and can cost you $1.00 - $9.41 per week.
• Driving a vehicle that gets 32 mpg rather than 22 mpg can save you about $12.27 per week
• Replacing a clogged air filter can save you up to $3.08 per week.
• Every 5 mph over 60 mph costs you an additional $1.00/week.
• Proper tire inflation can save you $1.00 - $3.08 per week.
• Using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil can save you $0.20 - $0.39 per week.

*national average-

That adds up to a savings of $815 - $1,884 per year!

Man working on carRemember, the best way to reduce vehicle emissions is to drive less!
• Try taking public transit - BCT bus or Tri-Rail.
• Carpool to school, work and social events.
• Call 1-800-234-RIDE to start a car pool.
• Combine errands to reduce driving time.
• Drive during off-peak hours.
• Bicycle, walk or skate whenever you can. 

For more information, call 954-519-1260 or visit

Smoking Vehicle Program

Driving a smoking vehicle is a violation of Broward County Code and the Florida Clean Outdoor Air Law. If a smoking vehicle is observed by a law enforcement officer or Broward County Natural Resource Enforcement Officer, the owner of the vehicle can be fined up to $500.  For more information or to report a smoking vehicle call 954-519-1499, or visit Smoking Vehicles.

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