Broward County Air Pollution Licenses

The Pollution Prevention Division (PPD) issues Broward County Air Licenses to existing and proposed facilities that are considered small sources of air pollution. These licenses are appropriate for minor sources that utilize pollution control equipment or control technology to maintain emission levels below threshold limits established by state and federal regulations.

Broward County Code of Ordinances Chapter 27, Article IV requires an owner or operator of any source which emits or can reasonably be expected to emit any air pollutant, to obtain a valid license from PPRAQD before beginning construction, installation, modification, initial, or continued operation of an air pollution source, unless specifically exempted by statute or rule.County Licensed Facility

Construction means the act of performing on-site fabrication, erection, installation or modification of a source, facility or facilities of a permanent nature, including but not limited to: installation of foundations, building supports, laying of underground pipe work or electrical conduit; and fabrication or installation of permanent storage structures, component parts of a source, facility or facilities, associated support equipment, or utility connections. Land clearing and other site preparation activities are not considered part of construction activities.

Examples of facilities or activities which may require a Broward County Air License include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems
• Baghouse and/or Dust Collection System Operations
• Exhaust and Fume Hood System Operations
• Scrubbing System Operations
• Miscellaneous Manufacturing Operations

Broward County Air License Application Forms

• Application for Broward County Air License to Construct/Operate Air Pollution Source (PDF 49 KB)
• Groundwater and Soil Decontamination/Remediation Application to Construct/Operate an Air Pollution Source (PDF 38 KB)
• Renewal Application to Operate an Air Pollution Source (Air Stripper, Vapor Extraction, Silos, Ovens, etc.) (PDF 34 KB)
• Application for Transfer of Air License (PDF 30 KB)

Broward County Air License Fees

All fees should be made payable to: Broward County Board of Commissioners.  Fees should accompany the application form.  You may also pay with a credit card by submitting a Credit Card Authorization form with your application.

• County Air License (per emission unit): $180.00
• County Air License, Groundwater & Soil Decontamination / Remediation: $180.00
• Renewal of County Air License (per emission unit): $180.00
• Transfer of County Air License: $100.00

PPD Mailing Address:

With the exception of Air General Permit Registration Forms, all forms, applications and general inquires can be submitted to:

Pollution Prevention Division
Attn: Air Quality Program
1 North University Drive, Suite 203
Plantation, FL 33324