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Stationary Source Air Permitting & Licensing

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If you are unsure whether a permit or license is required, or the type of permit you need, we recommend that you first contact Air Quality at 954-519-1260.

The Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division (PPRAQD)issues both Broward County Air Pollution Licenses and State of Florida Air Pollution Permits for construction and operation of stationary sources of air pollution. The following sections describe these types of licenses and permits in more detail. If you are not certain what type of license or permit you may need, please contact Air Quality at the numbers shown above.

Broward County Air License Requirements and Application Forms

Paint Spray BoothPPRAQD issues Licenses to existing and proposed facilities that are considered small sources of air pollution. These licenses are appropriate for minor sources that utilize pollution control equipment or control technology to maintain emission levels below threshold limits established by state and federal regulations. Examples of facilities that are licensed under Broward County's air pollution licensing program are groundwater remediation systems, bake-off and gas-fired ovens, scrubbers, dust collectors, etc.

Exemption from Florida Air Permitting Requirements

Some activities that are sources of air pollution may be exempt from a state of Florida air permit. For more details, visit the Florida DEP’s Air Permitting site. However, sources that are exempt from a Florida air construction permit, air operation permit, or air general permit may require a Broward County Air License.

Based on the number of facilities that engage in painting/ surface coating activities such as auto body shops and manufacturing operations, PPRAQD has developed a form to help determine the need for an air permit for these facilities. In order to evaluate whether your facility is exempt from an air permit, complete the Surface Coating Application Review Form(PDF, 40 KB) and mail or fax it to PPRAQD.

State Air Permitting Regulations and Application Forms

Asphalt Batch PlantApplication for Air Permit - Non-Title V Sources to be used for all applications for air construction permits and initial or revised air operation permits for non-Title V sources, including federally enforceable state air operation permits (FESOPs).If the source has multiple emission units, the applicant should use the long form which contains separate emissions unit information sections for each emissions unit subject to air permitting addressed in this application for air permit.The electronic permit application form may be accessed at the Florida DEP Division of Air Resource Management website at by calling the Electronic Products Help Line at (850) 717-9012.

License and Permit Fees

The following are the fees for county licenses and state air permits:

Checks for both county licenses and state air permits should be made payable to:

Broward County Board of County Commissioners
Mailing Address: Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division, attn: Air Quality, 1 North University Dr, Bld A, Suite 203, Plantation, FL 33324

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