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The Broward Environmental Remediation Times is an official bimonthly publication of Broward County's Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department. The newsletter addresses regulatory updates, technical issues, and announcements associated with the assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites in Broward County.

PLEASE NOTE - The Broward Environmental Remediation Times has been temporarily suspended.  Past editions continue to be available here.  Please check back often, as we anticipate resuming publication soon.

In August 2010, Broward County upgraded the webpages for the Environmental Assessment and Remediation (EAR) Section.  Therefore, many of the weblinks provided in earlier editions of the newsletter may no longer be functional.  If you have trouble finding a website listed in an article, please contact the author of the article. 

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Frequently Referenced Articles  

Environmental Assessment Resources Website
March/April 2011 (PDF)

Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites
March/April 2009 (PDF)

The Importance of Meeting Assessment Requirements without Addendum Reports
May/June 2007 (PDF)

Professional Certification of Documents
March/April 2004 (PDF)

Guide to Florida's Petroleum Cleanup Program
January/February 2003 (PDF)

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2013 Editions  

May/June 2013 (PDF)
Nanotechnology - Remedial Applications & Challenges
Proper Documentation of Field Activities for Preapproval Program
Invoicing Multiple Deliverables of a Preapproval Program Work Order
Broward County at FRC South

March/April 2013 (PDF)
Safety Alert
The Go SOLAR Fest was a Shining Success
FDEP Provides Checklist for Issuance of Orders
Florida Remediation Conference South

January/February 2013 (PDF)
Construction Permitting for Preapproval Sites
Message from the EAR Section Manager
Broward County Launches New ePermits Website for Environmental Review

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Earlier Editions  

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