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The Broward Environmental Remediation Times is an official bimonthly publication of Broward County's Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department. The newsletter addresses regulatory updates, technical issues, and announcements associated with the assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites in Broward County.

PLEASE NOTE - In August 2010, Broward County upgraded the webpages for the Environmental Assessment and Remediation (EAR) Section.  Therefore, many of the weblinks provided in earlier editions of the newsletter may no longer be functional.  If you have trouble finding a website listed in an article, please contact the author of the article. 

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2013 Editions

May/June 2013 (PDF 863 KB)
Nanotechnology - Remedial Applications & Challenges
Proper Documentation of Field Activities for Preapproval Program
Invoicing Multiple Deliverables of a Preapproval Program Work Order
Broward County at FRC South

March/April 2013 (PDF 863 KB)
Safety Alert
The Go SOLAR Fest was a Shining Success
FDEP Provides Checklist for Issuance of Orders
Florida Remediation Conference South

January/February 2013 (PDF 863 KB)
Construction Permitting for Preapproval Sites
Message from the EAR Section Manager
Broward County Launches New ePermits Website for Environmental Review

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2012 Editions

November/December 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
UIC Well Permitting Guidance for Air Sparging/Bio-Sparging Systems
Documenting Pre-existing Site Conditions Prior to Starting Work
We are MOVING!

September/October 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
New Improvements to Broward's Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites
FAQ Regarding Revisions to Petroleum Cleanup Preapproval Program SOPs
General Concepts of Incremental Sampling Methodology
Announcing Important Name Change

July/August 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
18th Annual Florida Remediation Conference
Rounding Analytical Data for Site Rehabilitation Completion
15th Annual Florida Brownfields Conference & Exhibition
The FDEP Revises Procedures for the Low-Scored Site Initiative

May/June 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
Broward County Proposing to Eliminate Stage II Vapor Recovery Controls
Petroleum Preapproval Program Work Order Tips
Broward County Brownfield Updates
2012 Aerial Photographs Available On Contaminated Sites Map
USGS Historical Topographic Maps Available Online

March/April 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
Broward County Presents Emerald Awards
Update:  Evaluating Background Contamination Concentrations in Soil
Broward County Launches Go SOLAR Rooftop Solar Challenge
Florida Engineering Society Awards
FRC-South to Premier in North Miami on May 9, 2012

January/February 2012 (PDF 863 KB)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Public Meeting
Evaluating Background Contamination Concentrations in Soil
Recycle Used Printer Cartridges at Governmental Center West
Manatee Season Begins in Broward County

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2011 Editions

November/December 2011 (PDF 863 KB)
Preapproved Advanced Cleanup (PAC) Program Applications
Composting - The Brown Side of Going Green
Release of Claim Forms for Preapproval Program Invoices

September/October 2011 (PDF 517 KB)
New Biofuels Guidance Document
FDEP On-line Tracking Resources
Florida Remediation Conference Held in Orlando

July/August 2011 (PDF 548 KB)
Broward's Electronic Document Submittal Process is a Success!
Petroleum Preapproval Program Drilling Rate Increase
FDEP to Accept Preapproved Advance Cleanup Program Applications
17th Annual Florida Remediation Conference
14th Annual Florida Brownfields Conference & Exhibition 

May/June 2011 (PDF 770 KB)
Brownfields 101:  Navigating the Seas of the Florida Brownfield Redevelopment Program
Isotope Analysis for Assessing Biodegradation
Laboratory Data Reporting Requirements

March/April 2011 (PDF 403 KB)
New Environmental Assessment Resources Website
Low Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) Guidance
Preapproval Program Non-Fixed Price Contractor Quotes
Wellfield Protection Ordinance Workshop

January/February 2011 (PDF 345 KB)
Preapproval Program Funding Score Change
Revised Preapproval Procedures for Direct-Push Technology (DPT) Rigs
Broward County PPRAQD Contact Information 
LSSI and LTNAM Guidance Documents

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2010 Editions   

November/December 2010 (PDF 527 KB)
Updated Institutional Controls Procedures Guidance
Draft Guidance for the Low-Scored Site Initiative (LSSI)
and Long Term Natural Attenuation Monitoring (LTNAM) 
FDEP Remediation Equipment Disposal Procedures
FDEP Remediation Equipment Auction Results

September/October 2010 (PDF 429 KB)
FDEP Remedial Equipment Auction
Brownfields Program Annual Report
Florida Remediation Conference Held in Orlando
Feedback Forum

July/August 2010 (PDF 333 KB)
Broward County Website Upgrades
Electronic Document Submittals for Petroleum Sites
Preapproval Program Backfill Quality Assurance Procedure
Thirteenth Annual Florida Brownfields Conference
Sixteenth Annual Florida Remediation Conference

May/June 2010 (PDF 574 KB)
EPA OnSite Calculators for Site Assessments
Broward County Health Department Well Permits 
Baseline Sampling Prior to Remediation by Underground Injection

March/April 2010 (PDF 313 KB)
Florida Association of Professional Geologists Storage Tank Regulations Presentation
Free Product Recovery Requirements
Preapproval Performance Agreement Invoicing
Feedback Forum

January/February 2010 (PDF 496 KB)
Broward County Website Feedback
Preapproval Program Budget Update
Groundwater Sampling Log Guidance
Revised Preapproval Program Procedures

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2009 Editions

November/December 2009 (PDF 560 KB)
Revised Dewatering Standard Operating Procedure
Data Summary Requirements Following a Consultant Change
Performance Deadline Extensions for Fiscal Year 2008-2009

September/October 2009 (PDF 517 KB)
Preapproval Program Funding Score Change
Broward County Emerald Award Program
FDEP New Public Access Web Tools
Florida Remediation Conference
Feedback Forum

July/August 2009 (PDF 521 KB)
Updated Preapproval RemediationSystem Equipment Guidance
Limited Source Removal Initiative (LSRI) Extension
Work Order Website Reminder
Brownfields Program Annual Report
Florida Brownfields Conference
Florida Remediation Conference

May/June 2009 (PDF 463 KB)
Preapproval Program Fiscal Update
Searchable City Directories Available at Broward County's Main Library
Indicator Parameters for Bioremediation of Chlorinated Ethenes in Groundwater

March/April 2009 (PDF 870 KB)
Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites
Revised Groundwater Sampling Log
Government Center West Open for Business
Feedback Forum

January/February 2009 (PDF 870 KB)
Leachate Testing - TCLP and SPLP
Preapproval Program Remedial Trailers
AOR Air Pollutant Reporting Workshop

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2008 Editions 

November/December 2008 (PDF 408 KB)
Roadway and Right-of-Way Ownership, Shallow Monitoring Wells with Submerged Screens,
14th Annual Florida Remediation Conference

September/October 2008 (PDF 428 KB)
Revised Dewatering SOP, Florida Remediation Conference, Storage Tank Upgrade Deadlines, Florida Brownfields Conference, Feedback Forum

July/August 2008 (PDF 275 KB)
Petroleum Cleanup Program Updates, Tertiary-Butyl Alcohol (TBA) at Petroleum Contaminated Sites, Employment Opportunity with Broward County PPRAQ

May/June 2008 (PDF 1.3 MB)
Underground Injection Control Requirements, Petroleum Cleanup Program Statistics,
Ocean Watch Reef Sweep

March/April 2008 (PDF 670 KB)
Off-Site Contamination Notification Requirements, Preapproval Invoice Payments,
Limited Closure Summary Reports,Pollution Prevention Survey

January/February 2008 (PDF 171 KB)
Website Upgrade, Double-Cased Monitoring Wells, Feedback Forum

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2007 Editions   

November/December 2007 (PDF 627 KB)
Preapproval Well Permit Invoicing, Storage Tank Rule Workshop, Florida Remediation Conference

September/October 2007 (PDF 543 KB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Preapproval Source Removal Bids, Brownfields Conference, Groundwater Sampling Errors

July/August 2007 (PDF 520 KB)
Preapproval Invoicing Reminders, Construction and Dewatering Plan Review Procedures,
SVE Flow Rates

May/June 2007 (PDF 433 KB)
Meeting Assessment Requirements without Addendum Reports,
Laboratory Certification Requirements, Preapproval Reminders

March/April 2007 (PDF 731 KB)
File Review Procedures, Laboratory Certification Requirements,
Hints to Expedite Document Review, International Visitor Meets to Discuss Brownfield Program

January/February 2007 (PDF 529 KB)
Broward County Code Revisions, Apportioning of Soil Cleanup Target Levels,
FAQ: Reporting Contamination, Preapproved Advance Cleanup Program Applications

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2006 Editions   

November/December 2006 (PDF 1.19 MB)
Work Order Website for Consultants, Report Errors in OCULUS, FAQ: Estimating Cleanup Time and Cost, Averaging Concentrations for Comparison to SCTLs

September/October 2006 (PDF 1.06 MB)
Broward County Air Licensing for Remediation Systems, Upcoming Conferences, Saltwater Intrusion in Broward County, Toxicity of PAHs

July/August 2006 (PDF 730 KB)
Legislation Regarding New Discharges, Notices of Off-site Contamination, Well Abandonment and Permitting

May/June 2006 (PDF 433 KB)
Storage Tanks/Petroleum Cleanup Programs Meeting, Limited Source Removal Program, Soil Cleanup Target Levels for TRPH, Contaminant Transport, FAQ: Brownfields

March/April 2006 (PDF 222 KB)
EPA All Appropriate Inquiries Final Rule, FAQ: Purchasing Contaminated Properties, Dewatering Standard Operating Procedure, Cleanup Documentation

January/February 2006 (PDF 510 KB)
Map of Contaminated Sites in Broward, Lightning's Danger, Monitoring Wells: Part II

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2005 Editions  

November/December 2005 (PDF 981 KB)
Funding Adjustments in the Preapproval Program, Monitoring Wells: Part I, Expedited Reviews of Cleanups, Vertical Migration of Petroleum Contaminants

September/October 2005 (PDF 477 KB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaners, FAQ: No Further Action Letters, Preapproval Program Energy Adjustment

July/August 2005 (PDF 368 KB)
Storage Tanks/Petroleum Cleanup Programs Meeting, Hazardous Materials Usage by Tenants, Groundwater Monitoring Requirements, FAQ: Environmental Contractors, Priority Score Threshold for Preapproval Program

May/June 2005 (PDF 287 KB)
Broward County Website, Preapproval Program Invoicing Reminders, Cleanup Milestones, FAQ: EAR Licenses

March/April 2005 (PDF 334 KB)
Remediation Equipment Course, FAQ: Reporting Contamination, Preapproval Program Reminders

January/February 2005 (PDF 714 KB)
Preapproval Program Revisions, FAQ: Identifying Contaminated Properties, Geophysical Methods, Part II

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2004 Editions  

November/December 2004 (PDF 940 KB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Dewatering Requirements, Broward County EPD Created

September/October 2004 (PDF 477 KB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Preapproval Program Paperwork, Geophysical Methods, Part I

July/August 2004 (PDF 381 KB)
Brownfields Conference, Off-site Contamination Notification

May/June 2004 (PDF 858 KB)
Storage Tank/Petroleum Cleanup Programs Meeting, Dewatering Plan Standard Operating Procedure, Employment Opportunity

March/April 2004 (PDF 329 KB)
Pilot Test Plans and the Remedial Action Initiative, Broward County Maintenance of Traffic Permits, Professional Certification of Documents, Preapproval Program News

January/February 2004 (PDF 462 KB)
FDEP Rule Workshop and Arsenic Update, Vacuum Extraction Air Emissions, FDOT Maintenance of Traffic Permits

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2003 Editions  

November/December 2003 (PDF 1.67 MB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Noise Pollution and Remediation Systems, Introduction to Maintenance of Traffic, Employment Opportunity

September/October 2003 (PDF 1.11 MB)
Arsenic Cleanup Target Levels, Abandoning Off-site Wells, Vane Wear in Becker Compressors

July/August 2003 (PDF 519 KB)
Storage Tank/Petroleum Cleanup Programs Meeting, RBCA Legislation, Excavation and Disposal of Contaminated Soils, Feedback Forum, Broward's Remediation Inspector Program

May/June 2003 (PDF 434 KB)
Dewatering SOP, Brownfields Conference, Long-term Storage of Vane-type Air Sparge Blowers

March/April 2003 (PDF 227 KB)
PAC Procedures, Preapproval Program Funding, New Preapproval Forms, Contractor Responses to Local Program Reviews

January/February 2003 (PDF 2.56 MB)
Guide to Florida's Petroleum Cleanup Program, Preapproval Program Operating Procedures, Pumping Groundwater during Source Removals

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2002 Editions   

November/December 2002 (PDF 487 KB)
Florida Remediation Conference, Preapproval Subcontractor Procedures

September/October 2002 (PDF 621 KB)
Draft SOP for Petroleum Cleanup Program, Improving Remediation System Efficiency, Florida Remediation Conference, Minimum Criteria for Monitoring Wells and Sampling

July/August 2002 (PDF 317 KB)
Storage Tanks/Cleanup Program and Business Plan Meetings, Operating Procedures for Fiscal Year 2002/2003, Feedback Forum Questionnaire

May/June 2002 (PDF 2.08 MB)
FDEP's New Groundwater Sampling SOP, Groundwater Purging Procedure, Remediation System Construction and Plan Review, Broward County Welcomes Visitors from Trinidad

March/April 2002 (PDF 1.6 MB)
Broward County Programs Exhibited at EPA Conference, Employment Opportunity, Requirements for Site Assessments

January/February 2002 (PDF 114 KB)
Brownfields Reform Bill, Professional Geologist Teleconference, History of Chlorinated Solvents

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2001 Editions   

November/December 2001 (PDF 691 KB)
Preapproval Work Order Routing Procedure, Cleanup Target Levels for TRPH in Soil, Brownfields Map, Links to FDEP Website

September/October 2001 (PDF 151 KB)
Business Plan Meeting, Florida Remediation Conference, Storage Tanks/Cleanup Program Meeting

July/August 2001 (PDF 314 KB)
Broward Environmental Remediation Times Wins NACIO Award, FDEP Petroleum Site Files Available Online, National and State Conferences & Meetings

May/June 2001 (PDF 464 KB)
Discovery of Buried Drums in Pompano Beach, Assessment Issues, Licensing of Waste Transporters, FAQ: No Further Action with Conditions

March/April 2001 (PDF 2.03 MB)
University of Florida TREEO Center Field School, Global RBCA, PETRO-BOWL PLUS, Local Program Meeting and Training Class, Minimize Aged Work in Progress

January/February 2001 (PDF 1.15 MB)
Brownfields Redevelopment Initiatives, Florida Remediation Conference, Feedback Forum

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