Do I Qualify?

To receive an Emerald Award your business must:

  • Be located in Broward County
  • Demonstrate ongoing compliance with environmental regulations
  • Complete and submit an Emerald Award Application
  • Receive an on-site visit from Emerald Award staff

New Emerald Award Application, now only a postcard!  Easy to fill out and it is FREE!

New!  The Emerald Award Application has been reduced to the size of a postcard and it is FREE!

The first step is to ensure that you are free from environmental enforcement actions for a period of one year prior to the date you plan to submit your Emerald Award Application. If you are unsure, proceed to the next step and Broward County Environmental Protection Department will determine your eligibility upon receipt of your application.

Next, review the minimum qualifications for each category listed below. If you meet the qualifications, fill out an Emerald Award Application (PDF 110 KB) and return it to the Broward County Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Be sure to include a narrative highlighting why you deserve an Emerald Award.

You may qualify for one or many categories. Fill the application out to the best of your ability. Our inspectors will determinethe category or categories that are most appropriate for your particular status.

Required Plug-ins: PDF icon Adobe® Reader®