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How Do I Get a License?
Broward County > Pollution Prevention > Haz Mat > How Do I Get a License?

Depending on your facility, you may need to obtain a Hazardous Material (HM) license, a Storage Tank (ST) license and/or a hazardous material or storage tank in a wellfield license (WHS/WHM).  All these license variations are collectively known as the Hazardous Material Management License.

You can determine which type of license you need by examing the code definition (PDF) or by contacting your license coordinator.

Once you have determined that you need a Hazardous Material Management License, what is the next step?  First,  you complete an application, then you determine the appropriate fee, and finally, you send both to our office.

Mailing Address

License Application  

There are two kinds of application, original and renewal.  If you have never had a HM license before, you need an original application.  If you are renewing an existing license, you need a renewal application. 

You may apply for a Renewal HM license by completing the application and mailing it to us or you may submit an on-line application.  All Original applications must be filled out on a paper application and mailed to us.  Refer to your license coordinator for renewal application.

Version/Application Type Original  Renewal 
PDF  Original paper application (PDF)  Contact the appropriate license coordinator
On-line Application not applicable  Electronic Renewal

License Payment 

Fees for HM licenses are based on the type of your facility and the number of employees. Contact your license coordinator and Fee Schedule (PDF) for license fee.

Only renewals can be paid online at this time when using the “Electronic Renewal” (as long as the current license is not expired).

Customers applying for a new license can mail their payment by check or credit card (using the form) or bring it into the office*.  Or they may use the Credit Card Authorization to pay by fax or email.

Mail or In Person*:          Check or Credit Card Authorization
Fax or Email:                       Credit Card Authorization

*May not be able to process payments made in the office when cashier is closed between 12:00-1:00 for lunch

License Coordinator

If you have questions about your application, or your license, call or email your coordinator  directly.  Most facilities are assigned license coordinator by zip code.  Facilities with multiple licenses have been assigned a license coordinator by facility name.  These facilities are listed in the second column.

It should be noted that  specific coordinators  handle “HM” (hazardous material), “ST” (storage tank), and “WHS/WHM” (hazardous material  and storage tanks in a wellfield) licenses as delineated above. All these license variations are collectively known as the “Hazardous Material Management Facility License.


 ZIP Code

Facility Name

License Coordinator/
Contact Information

33004 to 33029

Government (except cities)

Natasha Herne
(954) 519-1203
33060 to 33064

Waste Transporters
School Board
New Cingular

Tim Shaffer
(954) 519-1461

33065 to 33076
33334 to 33442

7-Eleven Stores
CVS Drug Stores
BP Amoco
FCE (Formerly Shell)

Norris Taylor
(954) 519-1457

33301 to 33312
33319 to 33331

Tire Kingdom

Claude Wilson
(954) 519-1485
33311 to 33317

Solid Waste (Waste Regulation)

Gary Strich
(954) 519-1269

 Miscellaneous Items  

(954) 519-1457

Mailing Address  

Mail all completed applications and licensing fees to the attention of Clyde Anderson.

1 N. University Drive, Suite 102 
Plantation, FL  33324

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