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2009 Master/Vision Plan Report
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(For accessible versions contact Seaport Planning 954-523-3404 or email

Executive Summary (February 2011)

Phase I (October 2009)

Table of Contents
null Element One: Existing Conditions Element

Element Two: Market Assessment


Element Three: Plan Development


Phase I Appendices

A: Outreach Meetings
    1) Environmental Stakeholder Summary June 2009
    2) Environmental Update Meeting Presentation

B: Recommended Alternative, People Mover Map

C: Airspace Obstruction Analysis of Proposed Port Crane and Vessels, prepared by Jacobs Consultancy 

D: Existing Traffic Data

E: Cruise Projections (Table E-1 & E-2)

F: The Local and Regional Impacts of Port Everglades, Fiscal Year 2008 Update

G: The Local and Regional Impact of Proposed Projects
     1) Eller Drive Overpass
     2) Northport Parking Garage
     3) Slip 3 Toe Wall Improvements
     4) Upland Enhancement/Mangrove Creation Area

H: The Economics of Cold Ironing

Phase II (February 2011)
Table of Contents
null Element Four: Strategy Development
null Element Five: Final Master Plan 
null Element Six: Plan Implementation

Phase II Appendices

A: Bulkhead Study Update and Cathodic Protection System Evaluation

B: Airspace Obstruction Analysis of Port Cranes and Vessels, prepared by Jacobs Consultancy

C: Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates for Projects

D: Automated People Mover Study

E: The Local and Regional Impacts of Port Everglades, Fiscal Year 2009 update  

F: Order of Magnitude Bulkhead Cost Estimates

G: Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) Calculating Tables

H: The Local and Regional Impacts of Proposed Projects

I: Affordability Analysis Worksheets
   a) Scenario 1     
   b) Scenario 2


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