Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order with the Print Shop?

To place an order, please submit a work request through the Print Shop Work Order System. First time users need to contact the Print Shop to set up an account and password to access the Print Shop Work Order System. Phone: 954-357-7120 or e-mail:

As part of the process to set up an account, you will have to complete a Print Shop Work Order Authorization Request form. It is available on-line. Broward County government agencies will find the form here on Scroll down to Print Shop and select “Print Shop Work Order System Authorization Request.”

Municipalities and other government agencies should contact the Print Shop directly to arrange for billing services.

How can I get an estimate or quote for my project?

Contact the Print Shop at 954-357-7120 or email your printing specifications to to receive an accurate estimate.

What information should I include in a request for a quote?

To submit a work request, contact the Print Shop at 954-357-7120 or email your specifications to

Work requests should include information about the project, such as number of originals, single or double-sided printing, ink choices, paper choices, binding, quantity and completion date. You may also contact the Print Shop for assistance.

Does the Print Shop offer graphic design services or create artwork?

No. The Print Shop expects the customer to provide camera ready artwork or a .pdf file; however, the Office of Public Communications can provide County agencies with graphic design services to create artwork. Their contact information is 954-357-6990 or

If I had a job printed before and need a reprint or small change, how do I proceed?

If you are requesting an exact reprint, contact the Print Shop to see if we still have the plates from the original job on file. If not, you will have to resubmit the original artwork.

If you need to change the artwork, contact the Office of Public Communications for graphic design services. They keep all the artwork for County agencies on file for future reprints.

What is Printing-on-demand?

Printing-on-demand (POD) is a term used to refer to printing that provides the customer with delivery options. For example, you may need 20,000 copies of a booklet during the course of a year. Instead of printing all 20,000 at one time, only the quantity that is needed for a designated time period is delivered with subsequent deliveries made at agreed upon intervals. This has several benefits for the customer:

  • The customer does not need to have storage space for the copies that won’t be used until later in the year.
  • Since the job is printed as the demand requires, updates to the content can be made throughout the year.