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Environmental Protection

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  • The National Wildlife Federation’s certification of the Broward School District as a School Yard Habitat was the first in the nation.
  • Broward County received a National Association of Counties (NACo) Award of Excellence, recognizing innovation in government, in the category of intergovernmental cooperation and coordination for the Broward Water Partnership.
  • A series of videos was produced and distributed to the construction industry, on how to deliver “green” construction options to the general public, private and public sector markets.
  • Natural Resources Planning Management Division utilized webinars to support marketing and delivery of its programs.

Broward County is a local, regional and national leader in environmental protection.

The five-year Conservation Pay$ energy rebate and incentive program, launched in 2011, issued 1,802 rebates for the replacement of inefficient toilets and distributed more than 6,000 aerators and high-efficiency shower heads to achieve 100 million gallons in annual water savings. The program was launched as part of the Broward Water Partnership, a collaborative water conservation initiative involving Broward County and 17 municipal and water utility partners.

In the final year of a five-year environmental partnership with the Broward School District, the district was certified as a School Yard Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Certification was based largely on the implementation of Broward County NatureScape environmental programming, installation of learning gardens at more than 40 percent of Broward schools, and 240 irrigation system evaluations that resulted in a total water savings of 168 million gallons annually.

A $1.24 million Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant project was completed and approximately 2,300 County residents and businesses received $470,000 in energy efficiency rebates. The program resulted in an estimated energy savings of 334,000 MWh, an annual water savings of 6.2 million gallons and a total greenhouse gas reduction of 7,700 metric tons of CO2 equivalents.

A Regional Climate Change Action Plan and Implementation Guide was completed as a major deliverable under the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, which includes Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.









 "A Regional Response to a Changing Climate" Brochure

County Commission Goal: A Pristine, Healthy Environment