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Roosevelt Park

Two environmental divisions were combined to form the Planning and Environmental Regulation Division. The restructure maximizes the communication and coordination between agencies involved in planning, regulatory and information services functions. Among its projects, the new division worked on an initiative to transition to a fully automated license and permit approval process, which launched in January 2013.

Broward County’s Go SOLAR program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Rooftop Solar Challenge grant, makes it easier for residents and businesses to convert to solar energy by reducing the cost and wait time associated with the installation process for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar systems. A cornerstone of the grant is a new electronic permitting system, which is being implemented in 14 partner cities and unincorporated Broward County.

Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality implemented an innovative plan to identify and target unlicensed hazardous material facilities. Extensive research resulted in 832 facility inspections and 135 new Original Hazardous Material Management Facility Licenses were issued.

Broward Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff developed new mapping applications for public use. It’s now easier than ever to view construction as it progresses at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, find your County Commissioner, view city census data, view green tourism initiatives and access the latest aerial photography.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency confirmed Broward County’s upgrade to a Class 7 Community Rating System (CRS) community, which resulted in an additional 5 percent discount in flood insurance, in addition to the current 10 percent discount.

The Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) redevelopment plan was updated to reflect a unified framework for the Boulevard Gardens, Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens and Washington Park neighborhoods, as the Central County Community.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Division initiated cost saving measures and improvements. Two solid waste disposal agreements were negotiated for use by Broward’s municipalities and unincorporated areas for Fiscal Year 2014, with a 25 percent reduction compared to current rates.

Education and outreach initiatives, conducted under a $20 million grant program targeting 21 cities and Broward County’s unincorporated area, resulted in substantial increases in residential recycling rates.

Franklin Park