Speakers Bureau Agency Listing 2018
Welcome to Broward County's Speakers Bureau. Staff professionals and subject matter experts from Broward County agencies are available to speak on a variety of topics, including those listed below. Choose from the list of topics, or call an agency directly to collaborate on a topic.

Accounting Division
Provides financial information for residents, legislative and oversight bodies, investors and creditors, to assess accountability and make social and economic decisions.

Animal Care
Promotes responsible pet ownership, animal care and licensing, community safety, adoptions, and pet population c​ontrol.

Lisa Mendheim, Education Outreach Coord​inator


Aviation Department
Operates Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and North Perry Airport. FLL Speaker's Bureau offers presentations to business organizations, civic groups, and homeowner associations. Speakers discuss topics including the airport's rich history, growth, new destinations, terminal renovations and other improvement projects. Presentations last approximately 25 minutes and can be customized for your organization. To schedule a speaker contact:

Steve Belleme, Airport Development Manager 


Marc Gambrill, Director of Capital Improvement Program 954-359-2343
Trevor Fisher, Director of Airport Expansion Program 954-359-6866
Mike Pacitto, Director of Planning 954-359-6103

Broward Addiction Recovery Center   
Provides programs to help ensure Broward County residents are self-sufficient, healthy and free from addiction. Education is one of the keys to preventing substance abuse. Members of the Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) staff are available as speakers for schools, community organizations and other groups that want to learn more about how to prevent alcohol and drug addiction, and how to provide hope, help and recovery for those who are addicted.

Stacy Fruehling, Division Director


Jasmine Bascombe, Clinical Director


Community Partnerships Division
Provides planning, coordinating, administering and evaluating a comprehensive array of human services programs for children and adults including behavioral health, child care licensing, sexual assault treatment and counseling, health care, HIV/AIDS, and homeless services.

Mandy Wells, Director 


William Green, Health Care Services


Miriam Firpo-Jimenez, Nancy Cotterman Center 954-357-5775

Deborah Meidinger-Hosey, Child Care Licensing and


Michael Wright, Homeless Initiative Partnership 954-357-6167
Linda Raybin, Children's Services 954-357-7249

Construction Management Division
Directs the planning, design and construction process for new and renovated County facilities.

Ariadna Musarra, Director  


Convention & Visitors Bureau
Promotes leisure and meeting/convention travel to Broward County. Promotes economic development of Broward County.

Stacy Ritter, President


Carlos Molinet, Senior Vice President 954-767-2469
Albert Tucker, Vice President, Multicultural Business Development 954-767-2456
Alfredo Gonzalez, Vice President, Tourism & International Sales 954-767-2446
Noelle P. Stevenson, Film Commissioner 954-767-2440

Christine Roberts, Sales and Marketing


Bruce Appel, Vice President of Administration


Carlos J. Puentes, Deputy Director, Convention Center


Fernando Harb, Tourism Sales


Cultural Division
Enhances the community's cultural environment through the development of arts.

Earl Bosworth, Director


Meredith Clements


Economic and Small Business Development
Implements strategies to enhance Broward County’s economy and contribute to an improved quality of life for all residents. Areas of focus include value-added job creation, business expansion and retention, small business growth, business development, international trade development, export readiness and entrepreneurial training and development. Services are delivered by the agency and through partnerships with state, local and private sector organizations. The Office of Economic and Small Business Development promotes equal access to Broward County procurement opportunities for small business enterprises in local and federal small business programs, and helps position small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities, and grow their businesses beyond Broward.  


Sandy-Michael McDonald, Director


Christopher Atkinson, Business Manager 954-357-6560
Steven Tinsley, Economic Development and International Trade Manager


Jasmine Jones, Community Relations and Outreach Manager



Elderly and Veterans Services Division
Assists functionally impaired seniors, seniors with psychiatric disabilities and/or substance abuse disorders, and veterans of all ages, their dependents and dependent survivors, in an effort to help them remain independent in the community.

Mary Kittleson, Community Care for the Elderly


Chevella Williams, Behavorial Health


Manny Fuentes, Customer Relations and Senior Services


Owen Walker, Veterans Services


Patrick Cavanaugh, Public Education Coordinator


Emergency Management Division
Develops emergency planning, response, mitigation and recovery activities for Broward County. Free training and presentations on emergency management-related issues such as Hazard Vulnerability, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response Operations, Disaster Assistance Programs, Citizen Corps Programs/Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Community Mitigation and Prevention, Business Resumption and Continuity of Operations, and Emergency Alert Notification Systems.

Miguel Ascarrunz, Director


Lori Vun Kannon, Assistant Director 954-831-3933

Richard Allen


Enterprise Technology Services
Provides quality information technology services to County agencies. Plans, evaluates, develops and implements information technology in support of county-approved goals, objectives and priorities.

John Bruno, Director


Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department 

Encourages proper use of natural resources and promotes affordable housing, and redevelopment through the management of development activities and enforcement of animal care and adoption, building, environmental, zoning and consumer protection regulations

Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting
The Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting, protects public safety, health and welfare by administering and enforcing all applicable building, and consumer protection ordinances, codes, laws, rules, resolutions and regulations in effect in Broward County. The Division also ensures that all solid waste and hazardous materials management and related activities are conducted in accordance with governing regulations; provides 24-hour response to environmental complaints; coordinates the Surface Water Management Program, Domestic Wastewater Program, and Non-Domestic Wastewater/NPDES Programs; and administers the Tree Preservation and Abuse Ordinance.

Hip Cruz, Jr., Regulated Businesses

954-765-4400 ext 9848

Joe O'Geen, Consumer Protection

954-765-4400 ext 9387

David Burgueno, Contractor, Licensing and Enforcement

954-765-4400 ext 9844

Leonard Vialpando, FEMA Flood Maps and NAVD 88

954-765-4400 ext 9809

Ryan Goldman, Wetlands and Ecology 954-519-1266
Peter Burke, Tree Resources 954-519-1244
Damaris Lugo, Waste Management 954-519-1423


Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division 
Protects and manages Broward County's beach and marine resources, provides countywide water resources planning and management, implements the County's land stewardship program, provides environmental monitoring and coordinates regional climate change initiatives.

Nicole Sharp, Beach Restoration


Samantha Danchuk, Climate Change 954-519-1295
Ileana Suarez-Hale, Environmental Monitoring / Lab Operations 954-519-1477
Paul Krashefski, Land Stewardship Program 954-519-0305
Dr. Ken Banks, Marine Resources 954-519-1207
Diana Guidry, NatureScape Program 954-519-0317
Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Climate Change 954-519-1270
Mark Trewartha, Water Resources 954-519-0356


Planning and Development Management Division
The Division administers programs and services that encourage sustainable development through the regulation and enforcement of Broward County Land Development and Natural Resource Protection Codes. Some of the programs and services include plat review process; impact fee and concurrency programs; comprehensive planning; annexation; and Broward Municipal Services District planning, code enforcement and zoning services. The Division serves as a repository for demographic and economic data, manages the Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides GIS services to County agencies.

Maribel Feliciano, Land Use,Comprehensive Planning, Broward Municipal Services District 954-519-1424

Vicki Morrow, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Jo Sesodia, Demographic Data 954-357-6634

Thuy Turner, Land Development Code


Patricia Gull, Impact Fees 954-357-6640


Pollution Prevention Division
Protects Broward County's environment through environmental regulation and inspection, wellfield protection, and cleanup; and promotes environmental protection and conservation through public outreach. The Division administers the Go SOLAR grant program which makes it easier for residents and businesses to convert to solar energy, by reducing the cost and wait time associated with the installation process for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar systems.

Lorenzo Fernandez, Air Quality


Monica Pognon, Air Quality and Climate Change 954-519-1476
Kenneth Dobies, Go SOLAR Program 954-519-0313
Kay Sommers, Go SOLAR Program 954-519-1257
Jeff Halsey, Environmental Protection, Go SOLAR Program 954-519-1468
David Vanlandingham, Environmental Cleanup 954-519-1478

Alfred Gomez, Regulatory Inspections, Hazardous Materials, and Storage Tanks

Alfred Reid, Technical Support, Storage Tanks 954-519-1432
Eduardo Koenig, Wellfield Protection 954-519-1406
Ali Younes, Compliance Assistance 954-519-1486

Management Division      
Manages, operates, maintains and handles security of County-owned and leased facilities.

Scott Campbell, Director


Barry Allen, Energy Management 954-357-6222

Family Success Administration Division
Through Family Success Centers and other programs, helps families and individuals achieve and maintain health, safety and economic stability. Assists with housing, food, utilities, job and skills training, budgeting skills, and mental health services.

Patricia West, Director


Ismael Martinez, Assistant Director 954-357-5003

Helen Hinton, Regional Manager, Edgar P. Mills Family Success Center (Central)


Ofelia Cardenas, Regional Manager, South Region Family Success Center (West Park)/Davie Family Success Center 


Sarah Curtis, Section Manager, Housing Options 954-357-5055

Audrey Ljung, Regional Manager, Community Action Agency


Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division
Maintains County road system and bridges including cleaning and moving, patching and resurfacing, canal and guardrail maintenance, street cleaning and stormwater drainage installation as well as mosquito control.

Anh Ton, Director


Highway and Construction Engineering Division
Manages major roadway improvement projects under the County's capital improvement program, conducts roadway inspections for County roadways and manages intersection improvement and congestion management projects.

Richard Tornese, Director


Historical Commission
Encourages awareness of local history and preserves the artifacts of the County’s heritage. Provides research and archival facilities, and lends technical advice regarding historic preservation and archeological projects.

Matthew Defelice, County Archaeologist 954-357-5506

Housing Finance and Community Development Division        
Provide housing which persons and families of low, moderate or middle income can afford, and capital for investment in such housing. Create partnerships, maximize resources and find new tools to develop and preserve affordable housing and improve communities.

Ralph Stone/Suzanne Fejes, Affordable Housing Programs


Pat Stephenson, First Time Homebuyers/Mortgage Credit Certificate, Neighborhood Stabilization Program 954-357-4921
Norm Howard, Housing Finance Authority 954-357-4925
Glenn Amoruso, Redevelopment 954-357-6679

Human Resources Division
Maintains a fulfilling work environment by promoting professional and personal development, career advancement, competitive job benefits, and a strong commitment to equal employment opportunity and workplace equity.

Mary McDonald, Assistant Director 954-357-6044

Human Services Department
Provides innovative and integrated health and human services that promote wellness and self-sufficiency to promote quality of life for all Broward County residents.

Michael Elwell


Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards, Office of
Coordinates all Broward County Government equal opportunity programs. Enforces federal, state, and local discrimination laws for employment, housing and public accommodations. Educates the public about their rights. Assists in training County employees on the Broward County Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies, ADA compliance, and equal employment opportunity laws and policies. Promotes the goals of the Broward County Commission at the federal, state and local levels. Increases County resources through grants. Administers County Commission appointments to boards, agencies and authorities.

C. Marty Cassini, Intergovernmental Affairs Manager; Intergovernmental
Affairs, Boards Administration
Matthew Cohen, Equal Opportunity Officer; Discrimination in Employment, Public Places, and Fair Housing 954-357-7800
Steve Patterson, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Administrator/Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Officer 954-357-6047
Alan Tiano, Acting Grants Administrator; Grant Writing, Implementation, Management and Compliance 954-357-5358


Libraries Division
Provides convenient access to a full range of innovative and cost-effective services that satisfy the changing needs of the people of Broward County for information, education and recreation.

Access Services 954-357-8687
Administration Manager - Customer Service 954-357-7511

Adult Literacy Services


African-American Research Library and Cultural Center 954-357-6282
Bienes Museum of the Modern Book 954-357-8692



Creation Station 954-357-5554

Community Engagement - Public Programs, Services, and Outreach 




Historical Archives / Historical Research Library 954-357-7417

Main Library Information and Reference Services


Main Library Main Tours 954-357-7443

Interlibrary Loan Services


Summer Learning


Summer Learning - Grants 954-357-7386

Talking Book Library


Teen Space / Technology 954-357-7344

Volunteer Services


Youth Services


Management and Budget, Office of 
Coordinates budget and management policy activities of county government and analyzes the fiscal impact of all proposed county ordinances and relevant proposed state legislation.

Norm Foster, Director 954-357-6346

Marci Gelman



Medical Examiner and Trauma Services, Office of
Investigates all violent, suspicious, unnatural and unattended deaths, and performs toxicology testing for drugs and poisons for police and health departments. Topics include role of the medical examiner, alcohol abuse and alcoholism, traffic injuries, poisonings, trauma services, ambulance certifications/enforcement, drug abuse and domestic violence.

Craig Mallak, M.D., Medical Examiner


Gary Kunsman, Ph.D., Chief Toxicologist


Dr. Wendy Snead, Associate Medical Examiner



Parks and Recreation Division
Broward County Parks and Recreation mission statement can be distilled down to three key words: Recreation. Preservation. Education. Our countywide network of regional parks and nature centers, neighborhood parks, and natural areas offers recreational and educational opportunities for all ages. The Parks also offers community outreach programs on a countywide basis – Special Populations Section, Volunteers/Community Partnerships, SWIM Central, and Extension Education. 

Parks Public Communications Group


Extension Education


- Commercial Horticulture 954-357-5279
- Urban Horticulture 954-357-5280
- 4-H Youth Development 954-357-5278
- Family and Consumer Sciences 954-357-5277
Operations 954-357-8704/8802

Special Populations Programs (Persons with Disabilities)

TTY: 954-537-2844

Planning and Development Group 954-357-8114
- Natural Resources and Land Management Section 954-357-8114

SWIM Central 


Volunteers/Community Partnerships


Port Everglades Department
Maintains an active Speakers Bureau whose members are available to make presentations tailored to your business group, civic group or community organization on a variety of topics, including the Port’s operations, environmental programs, the cruise and cargo industries, international trade and the seaport’s on-going capital improvement program.

Maisy Alpert, Corporate and Community Relations


Public Communications, Office of 
Administers the County’s communications with residents, businesses, visitors and employees to market and increase awareness of County services and programs. Manages the County’s website. Handles public information during emergencies.


Margaret Stapleton, Director


Ric Barrick, Assistant Director



Public Works Department
The Broward County Public Works Department manages design, construction and maintenance of the County's streets, storm water systems and building facilities. This includes maintenance and operation of virtually all traffic signals in the County. The department also provides water and wastewater services to large portions of the County's residents. In conjunction with the Broward County Resource Recovery Board and City governments, the department also manages the regional solid waste and recycling program.

Thomas Hutka, Director 954-357-6410

Purchasing Division
Procures goods, services and construction for Broward County Government agencies under the supervision of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners.

Brenda J. Billingsley, Director, "Doing Business with Broward County" & General Purchasing


Glenn Marcos, "Doing Business with Broward County" & General Purchasing


James Tillman, Manager, Construction Procurement


Records, Taxes and Treasury Division
Records, stores and provides copies of public documents as part of the official record of Broward County Government. Operates the Value Adjustment Board, which settles disputes between taxpayers and the Property Appraiser concerning property taxation. Revenue Collection collects ad valorem (property) taxes and other taxes set at the local level, including those by Special Levying Districts, State Agencies and the County Commission. Acts as an agent for several state departments, including the Department of Revenue, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Tom Kennedy, Director


Gary Mehringer, Assistant Director


Jeannie Terwilliger, Recording


Claudio Manicone, Tax Deeds and Tangible Personal Property Taxes, Tax Collection, and Licenses


Dana Buker, Tax Deeds and Tangible Personal Property Taxes, Tax Collection, and Licenses


Andre Morrell, Document Control/Minutes/Records Management 

Paul Rowe, Auto Tag and Vessel Registration 954-797-8779
Randall Luechauer, Tourist Development Tax 954-357-6171
​Chris Stotz, Division Outreach  ​​954-357-7264


Risk Management Division
Administers the County’s self insurance program for workers’ compensation, general liability, automobile liability, and property damage claims. Manages the safety and occupational health of County employees.

Roger Moore, Assistant Director


Seaport Engineering and Construction Division
Plans for seaport development, to maintain existing facilities and manage design, engineering and construction of new facilities for Port Everglades clients and Broward County staff while protecting the environment within the Port jurisdictional area.

John Foglesong, Director


Solid Waste and Recycling Services
Manages Broward County's waste and recycling services for the Broward Municipal Services District; provides optional services for participating municipalities such as: residential household hazardous waste disposal, residential bulk waste disposal, and Keep Broward Beautiful programs; operates three residential drop-off centers and the Broward County Landfill; provides recycling services for County government facilities and County parks.

Jeff Turpin, Director


Traffic Engineering Division
Provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic within the County.

Scott Brunner, Director


Transit Division
Providing clean, safe, reliable and efficient transit services to the community.

Tim Garling, Deputy Director


Barney McCoy, Service and Planning 954-357-8369
Tara Crawford, Service and Planning 954-357-8381
Jonathan Roberson, Transit Planning 954-357-8338
Gwendolyn Belton, Media Relations 954-357-8366
Jacque-Ann Isaacs, Community Bus Service 954-357-7713
Paul Strobis, Paratransit Services 954-357-8321
Tarnell Carroll, Youth Groups 954-357-8347


Transportation Department
Providing mobility options to keep the public and County government on the move. 

Chris Walton, Director


Nikki Brooks, Budget


Water and Wastewater Services
Provides water and wastewater management services and programs, balancing quality of life needs with sound environmental practices.

Alan Garcia, Director