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Highway Construction and Engineering

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 Maps and Information for Broward Roadway


Broward County Road Jurisdiction & Functional Classification

About This Map:
The jurisdiction of a road assigns responsibility to an agency to administer its use and maintenance. Roads are assigned as State, County, or City Jurisdiction. Broward County administers roads that are classified as County jurisdiction roads. In addition, the Florida Department of Transportation assigns a functional classification to roads relating to its speed, capacity and adjacent land use. This functional classification defines the role of a roadway in serving various travel needs and can effect roadway design.

For questions or issues concerning State roads and highways, contact FDOT District 4

For questions or issues on City streets contact the local municipality: Broward County Municipalities

Broward County Section Maps

About This Map:
Based on The Public Land Survey System “Section Maps” are approximately one square mile sections that keep track of the acquisition of road right-of-way and include deed, easement and surrounding plat information. The section maps are provided here for review and download in digital PDF format.

Roadway Construction & Improvement Projects

Historical Aerial Photos of Broward County

For additional Broward County GIS maps, see the Broward County Geographic Information Systems main page.

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