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 Parks Planning and Design Section


Staff engineers within the Section develop recommendations for County-owned park development or renovation projects identified for inclusion in the Parks and Recreation Division Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Work includes:

  • defining the scope of work for the proposed improvements;
  • preparing a budget estimate for each;
  • managing and coordinating all design and construction management services provided by consultants or in-house engineers; and
  • managing consultants and contractors in support of Park's miscellaneous repair and maintenance projects.
  • On-site observation and inspection of park construction projects.

Staff engineers and construction management personnel also provide administrative services associated with grants and other construction funding.

Parks Engineering produces construction plans for the construction of various projects within the Broward County Park system and manages consultants who prepare construction documents, studies, reports, plats and surveys in support of County park development, renovation, operation and maintenance. ​​​​​​