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 Traffic Capital Project Management


The Traffic Capital Projects Management Section is responsible for the planning, engineering, design, implementation, construction engineering and inspection, and related services for proposed traffic control improvement projects. The types of projects may include traffic, roadway, and civil engineering infrastructure enhancements and upgrades located within the road right-of-way. The Section performs the following comprehensive services:

  • Administers the County’s traffic capital improvement projects, including signal engineering improvements (SEI), mast arm installations, school zone flasher construction, vehicle video detection systems, fiber optic, copper, and cellular communication systems.
  • Performs planning, engineering, design, and plans preparation for proposed traffic capital projects either in-house or through consultant contracts.
  • Prepares standard drawings, specifications, special provisions, cost estimates, alternative analyses and evaluations for traffic related construction projects.
  • Processes consultant and contractor contract-related documents for issued projects.
  • Monitors construction activities for traffic control items including mast arms, school zone flashers, SEI, and video detection installations to meet County Minimum Standards and FDOT standards for traffic construction.
  • Prepares and/or processes as-built drawings, project documentation, equipment selection, shop drawing approval, fiber optic data management, networking schematics, etc.
  • Coordinates with city engineering departments, public and private utility owners/agencies, Florida Department of Transportation, railroad companies, private developers, and other agencies as required.
  • Ensures conformity with applicable codes, standards, safety criteria, and sound engineering principles and practices.​​​​​