Public Works Department

Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business Plan FY 2016-2020 (PDF)

The Construction Management Division develops and manages the County’s capital improvement projects for new vertical construction and large renovation projects. Duties include strategic master planning and programming, architectural design as well as construction of projects for all County agencies with the exception of the Seaport and Airport.

The Facilities Maintenance Division oversees maintenance, repairs, minor renovations, cleaning, parking, utility use, security, and real estate services for most County-owned properties. 

The Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division maintains and improves the County's highway/street system, operates drawbridges, and oversees mosquito control operations. The Division is responsible for cleaning and mowing rights-of-way, street patching and resurfacing, intersection improvements, canal maintenance and construction, guardrail maintenance, bridge maintenance, street cleaning, and stormwater drainage improvements.

The Highway Construction and Engineering Division oversees design and construction project management for major roadway improvement projects and parks facilities. The Division is also responsible for engineering plan review, permitting, and roadway inspection services for improvements to Trafficway roads and County roadways. The Division provides surveying, design, and project management services for intersection improvement and congestion management projects, as well as support services for other County agencies. Highway Construction and Engineering participates in the Land Development Review process and coordinates and reviews right-of-way deeds, subdivision plats and conducts public records maintenance.

The Traffic Engineering Division provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic within the County. Duties include the operation and maintenance of virtually all traffic signals and related facilities encompassing all Municipal, County and State rights-of-way, as well as traffic signage and markings for most area Municipalities. Local Cities and Towns are also provided with traffic engineering services by the Division.

Solid Waste and Recycling Services offers a comprehensive waste management and recycling system for the residents and businesses of Broward County. Through its operation, the agency provides community residents and businesses with viable methods to address waste management issues by offering landfill disposal, waste-to-energy processing, municipal waste collection, transfer stations, household hazardous waste disposal and recycling, and electronics recycling.

Water and Wastewater Services is committed to providing cost-effective water and wastewater management while maintaining the quality of life in Broward County through sound environmental practices. The agency plans, designs, and constructs facilities to ensure adequate capacity for potable water, sewer and storm water, providing retail services to over 50,000 customers. Water and Wastewater Services is also responsible for pumping, treating and distributing water, as well as providing wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and disposal services to over 600,000 citizens. The agency also operates waterways, water control structures and well systems to provide flood management; provides canal management services supporting aquifer recharge; and removes aquatic vegetation from certain bodies of water throughout Broward County.

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