Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The goals of the Purchasing Division are:

  • to achieve the highest standard of professional public procurement, and 
  • to foster transparency to the procurement process

Mission Statement

The Purchasing Division provides a unified purchasing system that ensures integrity and fairness, with centralized responsibility for oversight of solicitation, vendor selection, negotiation, award, contract management, reporting, disposal of surplus property and emergency logistical support for the benefit of Broward County agencies.

The major objectives are:

  • to comply with the comprehensive federal, state and county procurement / contracting laws which govern expenditure of public funds
  • to provide timely responsive support to client agencies
  • to generate broad participation and competition among potential suppliers and contractors
  • to ensure good quality products and services at competitive prices
  • to ensure equal opportunity to all qualified vendors and contractors wishing to compete for County contracts
  • to ensure that small and disadvantaged businesses have the maximum opportunity to participate in County contracts
  • to monitor vendor performance to insure accountability
  • to provide procurement code guidance and training to client agencies
  • to keep abreast of current developments in the field of purchasing, market conditions, and new products, and
  • to formulate and recommend purchasing policy and procedures.

Value Statements

Our division values are:

  • to maintain our fiduciary trust
  • to deliver customer service and exceed expectations
  • to face problems and solve them
  • to respect and value people
  • to encourage risk-taking and innovation
  • to build and value diversity
  • to delegate decision-making appropriately, and
  • to embrace open communication and information sharing