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How To Become A Registered Vendor with Broward County

Dear Vendor:

I am very excited to bring a new way on how to do business with Broward County!The Purchasing Division has teamed up with RFP Depot, LLC dba BidSync to provide an electronic bidding system for the County and its vendors to use. We believe this will continue our County’s goals of improving operational effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

This system will allow vendors to electronically submit solicitations and manage their vendor profile online.Using this new system will save money, time, and prevent bidding errors for the vendors and the County.

As always, we want to ensure transparency and open competition.The electronic bidding system is free to vendors through BidSync’s Links program when you select “Free Registration.” Although BidSync does offer a subscription (for a fee), this is not supported or required to do business with Broward County.

Please continue to check this page for updates, Commonly Asked Questions, scheduled Outreach Meetings, and other information as we implement this new system.

Thank you for your continued interest in doing business with Broward County!


Brenda J. Billingsley, Director, Broward County Purchasing Division

Current Vendors with Broward County:

For vendors that are currently registered with Broward County, your information will be transferred to BidSync to create a vendor profile.BidSync will notify each of the vendors to complete the vendor registration, which includes basic information, as well as additional information for Broward County (including Small Business Enterprise and County Business Enterprise certifications).

Important things to note:

  • Vendors will continue to receive notices of new business opportunities as usual but in order to submit a bid or proposal electronically, registration with BidSync system will be required!
  • Free of Cost – Broward County vendors are never charged a fee to access the BidSync system in any manner related to Broward County solicitations.
  • Broward County vendors previously managed their profile through Broward County’s Vendor Self Service (VSS) system, however this will be retired once BidSync is implemented. Once vendor information is transferred to BidSync, vendors must manage their profiles through BidSync (including e-mail addresses for notification of solicitations).

Informational sessions

Informational sessions were held for vendors to find out more about the transition.

view the presentation

If you were unable to attend one of these informational session, vendors can view the presentation provided by BidSync on how to register, update vendor profile, search for solicitations, and respond to a solicitation.

Registration with BidSync:

The vendor registration process in BidSync is done online and only takes a few minutes.Once you enter the BidSync website, please follow instructions on the registration process.You can also complete the registration process by calling BidSync at 1-800-990-9339.

Commonly Asked Questions:

You asked - we answered! Commonly Asked Questions. We will update the Commonly Asked Questions as we go through this important transition.

Need Additional Help?

BidSync offers a Customer Solutions Center, which includes announcements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Here are some of their top FAQs available from the Customer Solutions Center:

How do I register with BidSync?
How do I search for a solicitation?
How do I accept documents?
How do I respond to a bid or quotation?
How do I add a new user?
How do I change BidSync e-mail preferences?
How do I upload an attachment to a solicitation?
How do I submit an electronic bid bond?
What do I do if I get an error submitting an electronic bid bond?

To access the BidSync’s Customer Solutions Knowledge Base and training materials, create a login* to view all FAQs and announcements.  Additionally, Vendors can contact BidSync by phone or e-mail at:

1-800-990-9339 Toll Free

*Note: the login to the Customer Solutions Center is a different account than your to BidSync login. 

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