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Broward County Standard Agreement Terms & Conditions

The following are standard requirements of Broward County for its Procurement Contracts.  Persons and Companies that receive an award from Broward County through Broward County's competitive procurement process must anticipate the inclusion of these requirements in the Contract.  These requirements are considered non-negotiable subject to the County's final approval.  Each Company should identify any of the standard contract requirements to which it cannot agree.  The Company's response will be considered in the evaluation and selection process for each solicitation.

Standard Form AgreementsLast Updated On
1. Standard General Contract Terms and Conditions6/4/2014
2. Standard Agreement Form (BCF #101)6/29/2015
3. Standard Consultant Agreement Form (BCF #202)6/29/2015
4. Standard Airport Design Consultant Agreement Form (BCF #404)6/29/2015
5. Standard Airport Non-Design Consultant Agreement Form (BCF #403)6/29/2015
6. Standard Form Construction Contract Form (BCF #170)2/17/2015
7. Standard Managing General Contractor Construction Agreement Form6/29/2015
8. Standard Software as a Service Agreement Form 7/1/2015
9. Standard Hardware and Maintenance Agreement Form7/1/2015
10. Standard Hosted Services Agreement Form7/1/2015
11. Standard Software License, Maintenance and Support Agreement Form7/1/2015
12. Standard Service Level Agreement Form3/21/2016
13. Standard Business Associate Agreement Form1/23/2015
14. Rotating List for Engineering Tests Agreement Form5/29/2015
15. Standard System and Services Agreement Form1/20/2016

All agreements are subject to final approval by the County Attorney's Office

"Project Specific" Agreements as Referenced By Solicitations NumberLast Updated On
V1394409P1 Agreement - Transit Advertising Program1/14/2016
R1343501P1 Agreement On-Call BIM, VDC, Laser Scanning and Associated Services1/26/2016
R1422515R1 Draft Agreement - Public Safety Radio APCO Project 25 700 MHz Communications System5/2/2016
R1223107P1 Agreement - Tradewinds Park North Equestrian and Farm Site Improvements12/31/2014
Z1406028P1 Draft Janitorial Services for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport5/26/2016
R1373502P1 Countywide Data Circuits5/13/2016
R1362601P1 Agreement - General Professional Architectual and Engineering Consultant Services12/14/2015
Y1294206R1 Agreement - SCADA System Maintenance and Support Agreement12/29/2014
R1412304P1 Draft Self-Insured Group Health Insurance Coverage and Benefits2/11/2016
R1412304P1 Draft Self-Insured Pharmacy Benefit Management Services3/4/2016
R1423108P1 Comprehensive Professional Engineering Consulting Services for Highway Construction and Engineering Division5/9/2016
R1423712P1 Draft Agreement - Group Vision Insurance Benefits5/16/2016
X2111385P1 Draft Contract Low Profile Super Post Panamax Container Handling Gantry Cranes 5/20/2016
R1423107P1 Comprehensive Professional Architectural Consulting Services, Continuing Term5/24/2016

The following are standard guaranty and bond forms. If a solicitation requires a guaranty (bid guaranty, performance bond, and payment bond), the solicitation will indicate the requirements and the amount required to be guaranteed.  In accordance Section 21.66 of the Broward County Procurement Code, if a bid guaranty is required, it shall be a bond provided by a surety company authorized to do business in State of Florida, or the equivalent in cash, certified check, cashiers check, unconditional letter of credit issued by a domestic bank authorized to do business in the State of Florida, or an alternate form of security for the same purpose subject to the same conditions and in a form acceptable to the Office of the County Attorney.

If a performance and payment bond is required by the solicitation, the  performance bond and payment bond (acceptable to the County), must executed by a surety company authorized to do business in this state or otherwise secured in a manner satisfactory to the County.  In lieu of a performance and payment bond, the County may accept cash, money order, certified check, cashiers check, or irrevocable letter of credit. Such alternate form of security shall be for the same purpose and shall be subject to the same conditions as a performance bond and payment bond and in a form acceptable to the Office of the County Attorney.

Standard Guaranty and Bond FormsLast Updated On
1. Bid Bond Form4/11/2016
2. Bid Guaranty – Unconditional Letter of Credit10/20/2014
3. Performance and Payment Guaranty – Irrevocable Letter of Credit10/20/2014
4. Performance Bond Form4/11/2016
5. Payment Bond Form4/11/2016
6. Certificate as to Corporate Principal10/20/2014

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