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Agreement Requirements

Agreements implementing conditions of development approval are processed by the Planning and Redevelopment Division.  The major types of agreements include:

All standard agreements require approval from the Broward County Attorney's Office before scheduling it for a County Commission meeting and/or prior to recordation in the Official County Records.  The following required items ensure that the agreement is legally sufficient: 

  1. A fully executed original agreement with all applicable blanks completed.
  2. An OPINION OF TITLE/TITLE CERTIFICATE rendered within the last thirty (30) days to insure all necessary individuals or legal entities with a property interest, including mortgagee, execute the agreement.
  3. CORPORATE RESOLUTION/PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT - granting authority to execute agreement, if applicable.
  4. CORPORATE SEAL - if executing party is a corporation.

Staff has up to fifteen (15) working days to review standard agreements from the date of receipt. The review time for non-standard agreements may be longer.

Following approval of the agreement by the County Attorney's Office and/or the County Commission, certain fees must be paid as follows: 

  1. A check payable to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners for the application fees as based upon the published fee schedule.
  2. A separate check payable to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners for recording the agreement in the Official Records. The County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division can advise you of the current charges to record documents.