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Technical Bulletins
Technical Bulletins

Planning and Redevelopment (PRD) Environmental Review Procedures

Technical Bulletin No. 2013-2 (PDF 62.9 KB)
Subject: PRD Environmental Review of plans for temporary structures, temporary construction buildings, temporary sales / office buildings, temporary guard shacks and temoary residential trailers.

Technical Bulletin No. 2013-3 (PDF 47.3 KB)
Subject: PRD Environmental Review of master model plans for individual project approvals where allowed by municipal building departments.

Technical Bulletin No. 2013-4 (PDF 48.1 KB)
Subject: PRD General Environmental Resource License requirements for construction and repair of docks, seawalls, bulkheads.

Technical Bulletin No. 2013-5 (PDF 29.8 KB)
Subject: PRD Environmental Review of cooling towers and chillers.

Technical Bulletin No. 2013-6 (PDF 29.2 KB)
Subject: PRD Environmental Review of plans for emergency generators.


Technical Bulletin No. 2012-1 (PDF 3.41 MB)
Subject: e-Permitting and Electronic Environmental Review for Building Departments.

Technical Bulletin No. 2012-2 (PDF 2.48 MB)
Subject: Environmental Review Online Application for Registered Users. 

Technical Bulletin No. 2012-3 (PDF 1.59 MB)
Subject: Environmental Review Online Application for Non-Registered Users.