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Real Property Section provides real estate disposal services for the Broward County Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator’s Office (CEO), and Broward County departments, divisions and offices only (not for the general public).

Asset Disposal Services means that Real Property Section acts as the County’s professional adviser for the disposal of Broward County property (asset) by applying professional real estate standards and methods in accordance with Florida Statutes, Broward County Code and Broward County Administrative Code.

There is no Surplus Property at this time.

1. Asset Disposal Services by Sale of Surplus Property.

  • Surplus Property Identification
  • Project Management
  • Public Notice of Sale of Surplus Property  ($15,000 and above)
  • Agreement
  • Board Review
  • Closing Coordination

2.  Asset Disposal Services by Vacation.

3. Asset Disposal Services by Conveyance.

4. Asset Disposal Services by Donation or Exchange.

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