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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial vehicle?
Chapter 39, Section 4 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances defines a commercial vehicle as any vehicle designed, intended or used for transportation of goods or things, other than private passenger vehicles and recreational vehicles.

Are commercial vehicles allowed to be parked or stored in residential neighborhoods without any restrictions?
No. Only a tradesperson performing service or construction work or making deliveries of merchandise or household items may park a commercial vehicle without concealing it from view.

Under what conditions is a resident or guest of a property allowed to park or store a commercial vehicle?
Only one commercial vehicle, weighing 5,000 pounds or less, may be parked or stored in a garage, carport or in a side or rear yard on a paved surface and completely hidden from view of all adjacent properties. Sec. 39-275(7)(a)(1)

Can I park my commercial vehicle or trailer temporarily on my driveway?
No. Parking or storing commercial vehicles, trailers and equipment are prohibited in a residential area in unincorporated Broward County unless parked according to county ordinances.

Can I have more than one commercial vehicle at my property if I operate my business from my residence?
No. Since only home offices are allowed to be located in a residence if a Certificate of Use is issued by the Broward County Zoning Official, any evidence of the operation of a business from a residence is prohibited. Any commercial vehicle must be parked or stored according to the Broward County Code of Ordinances.

Can I temporarily park a commercial vehicle at my property if I am going to service it or make repairs?
No. Major auto repairs outside of a garage are not permitted in a residential zoning district.

If I put a large vehicle cover over my commercial vehicle, is it still a violation?
Yes. A cover is not a substitute for a garage or fully enclosed building.

Are the regulations that apply to commercial vehicles and equipment parking and storage in residential areas new?
No. In fact, restrictions regarding the prohibited parking of commercial vehicles in residential zoning districts have been in effect since the 1950’s.

If I install a temporary canopy over my driveway, can I park a commercial vehicle under it?
No. A canopy that is installed over a driveway to be used as a carport requires obtaining a building permit, zoning approval and must meet building codes and property setbacks. Temporary canopies in residential areas which are made out of PVC or aluminum posts with a plastic, vinyl or canvas top are usually designed to be utilized for events or other temporary purposes for protection from the sun or natural elements. These canopies are considered to be accessory structures which usually do not meet all code requirements and may be cited in violation.

What are the fines for illegally parking or storing commercial vehicles or equipment?
The fine for this type of violation is $150 for the first offense and $350 for repeat violations. Fines may be higher if the violator continues in violation of any order issued at an administrative hearing.

Community Code Compliance Resources
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 5: Building Regulations and Land Use
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