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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inoperable vehicle?
An inoperable vehicle usually has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Wrecked, partially wrecked or missing exterior body parts
  • Partially dismantled or missing an engine, transmission or other major parts
  • Incapable of being operated under its own power
  • Is being used for storage of items
  • Has one or more flat tires or displays other signs that it cannot be driven
  • Is left on a jack or other artificial support for long periods of time
  • Is stored on an unpaved surface with overgrowth underneath or tires buried in the ground
  • It is not street worthy

Can I keep an inoperable vehicle on my property?
No. Only inoperable vehicles that can be stored in a garage or other fully enclosed building are allowed in residential areas. All “inoperable” or “junk” vehicles may be cited in violation and/or placarded for towing.

Can I have an inoperable vehicle stored outside if it is going to be restored?
No. Unless it is stored properly inside a garage or fully enclosed building it may be in violation of the Broward County Zoning Code.

Can I keep an inoperable vehicle on my property if I am trying to sell it?
No. It does not matter if you are selling the vehicle if it is improperly stored or displaying signs of disrepair or inoperability. Vehicles for sale are not exempt.

The owner of the vehicle is out of town. Can I keep the car here until the owner returns?
No. Residential neighborhoods are not intended to be long-term storage areas for inoperable or junk vehicles. Inoperable vehicles that are left behind by owners who are out of town or for other reasons are not exempt from being stored lawfully.

My vehicle has major problems and I want to get it repaired at my property, so can it remain until it is fixed?
No. Since major auto repair is only allowed in a garage or fully enclosed structure, improper storage of the vehicle is not allowed.

If my vehicle is a classic, is it exempt if it is on my property?
No. Collectability, rarity or perceived sentimental value does not exempt an inoperable vehicle from regulation.

What if I put a car cover over a wrecked or inoperable vehicle - is it still a violation?
Yes. A cover is not a substitute for a garage or fully enclosed building.

How much time is allowed to correct the violation(s) if my vehicle has been cited?
If your vehicle has had a towing notice or “sticker” placed on it, the maximum time period to correct the violation is 15 days unless it is on the swale, street right-of-way. The vehicle may be towed from private property if the violation has not been corrected or if a contest to the towing notice has not been received in writing by the Broward County Community Code Compliance Section before the removal date.

Community Code Compliance Resources
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 5: Building Regulations and Land Use
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 39: Zoning
Broward Housing Council
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