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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the landlord registration and rental property inspection program?
This program requires all owners of residential rental homes, buildings, and units, who intend to lease, sublease, rent, or become involved in any other oral or written arrangement between a tenant/lessee to apply for and obtain an annual Residential Rental Certificate of Use. This registration provides code enforcement staff with the ability to contact landlords, or their designee, to facilitate timely notification of health and safety violations, minimum housing code complaints or emergency situations at residential rental units. The certification portion of the program requires properties to pass an annual exterior property maintenance and community standards inspection.

Why is the program necessary?
This program is designed to proactively obtain compliance with proper home maintenance and community standards which address not only life, health, and safety issues but also the negative results of deferred or inadequate maintenance. This program will help address the chronic lack of property maintenance that has been observed by neighborhood/civic representatives and code compliance staff in neighborhoods with a disproportionate number of rental properties.

What is the reason for the program?
This program enhances existing ordinances, providing for landlord participation in the program and provide for penalties for failure to register.

What will it cost to register a property?
The cost of the annual registration is $75 for each property that has an individual folio or parcel identification number.

Will property inspections now be required by code enforcement staff?
Yes, but only for the exterior portions of the property. The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that rental dwelling units are in compliance with community standards codes and exterior building maintenance requirements.

Will this program increase the number of violations issued?
No. code enforcement officers routinely patrol neighborhoods and address violations on a pro-active basis. This program does require a property owner to pass an “inspection” in order to obtain the required Certificate of Use. In fact, the program’s intent is to promote proactive compliance with property maintenance standards and to educate landlords on minimum housing codes and community standards to prevent continuing substandard conditions of rental properties.

How will the County find out where rental properties are located and who owns them?
Our staff will review data from Broward County tax rolls and the Property Appraiser. In addition, there will be significant levels of public outreach and education to encourage property owners to register their properties. Information about registering properties will be available online, and it is possible that tenants, neighbors, or other persons interested in the success of the program will notify the county of properties that have not registered.

What defines a property as being a residential rental dwelling or unit?
A residential rental unit is any residential dwelling that is leased for residential purposes, including any single-family home, multi-family dwelling (including condominium units), duplex, triplex, and quadraplex, mobile home, or other similar unit. It does not include any dwelling unit that is owned by a federal, state, or local housing program or the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, hotels, motels, public lodging establishments, as defined in Section 509.013, Florida Statutes, or any community residential facility licensed and inspected by the state of Florida.

Is this program necessary for code enforcement to address code violations at rental properties?
No, code enforcement officers are still able to issue violation for infractions that are observed on the exterior of properties or interior of units if a complaint is filed.

Do all properties that are not occupied by the owners require a Certificate of Use as a rental property?
If a dwelling or dwelling unit is occupied by one or more family members such as a parent, step-parent, or adult child is being occupied as a single household unit and no net income is being received by the owner then an exemption from the program.

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