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Frequently Asked Questions

Broward County is rich with beautiful green fields, yards and lush tropical vegetation. Don’t spoil the beauty by allowing your yard or business area to become overgrown or littered with trash and debris.

In order to keep Broward an attractive place to live and work, we enforce certain standards and minimum requirements for maintaining private property.You can help preserve the beauty of your neighborhood by taking the time to know these standards and following the guidelines. We are committed to providing an environment conductive to good health and pleasing surroundings for all the residents in Broward County. The cooperation and participation of every property owner is essential.

When is a property in violation?
A violation exists when weeds, grasses or groundcovers are allowed to exceed 6” in height. Properties are also in violation when trash, debris or litter has accumulated and becomes an eyesore. Improperly bundled trash or landscape debris or bulk waste trash placed prior to 24 hours of the scheduled pick up also creates a violation.

Who is responsible for correcting the violation(s)?
The violation should be corrected by the person responsible for maintaining the property. However, according to the law, maintenance is the responsibility of the recorded property owner – regardless if the property is a vacant lot or has an occupied structure on it. Tenants may also be held responsible for any violations or removal charges.

What areas need to be maintained?
In addition to the principal yard or lawn areas, any areas between the property that abut the paved adjacent street should be maintained. This means the swale areas, public right-of-ways, sidewalks and any special easement areas that abut the property. Placement of non-permitted articles such as pyramid stones, basketball hoops and permanent landscape materials like rocks, railroad ties, etc. are prohibited.

How much time is allowed to correct a violation?
The maximum time period to correct land clearance violations observed on private property is 10 calendar days from the date of notice.

Only five calendar days are provided to correct land clearance violations found on public right-of-ways or swale areas.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the Code Enforcement Officer involved when compliance has been achieved. A re-inspection can be conducted to verify the results and resolve any further enforcement action.

What is the penalty if I fail to correct the violation?
Broward County may correct the violation if it is not corrected within the allowed time for compliance. The costs incurred will be billed for services rendered.

Failure to pay within 30 days may result in a Special Assessment Lien recorded against the property.

Please contact the Broward County Community Code Compliance Section at 954-765-4400 for further information or assistance.

Community Code Compliance Resources
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 5: Building Regulations and Land Use
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 39: Zoning
Broward Housing Council
PDF icon Citizen's Guide to Community Code Compliance


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