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Community Code Compliance

Landlord Registration and Residential Rental Inspection Ordinance

In order to encourage proactive compliance with property maintenance standards, protect property values, preserve the quality of unincorporated area neighborhoods and prevent blight, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved The Landlord Registration and Residential Rental Property Inspection Program Ordinance 2013-28 on June 11, 2013. 

Our Zoning Code Compliance Officers spend much of their time investigating complaints from neighbors and tenants of rental properties regarding:

  • Poor property maintenance
  • Substandard living conditions
  • Absentee landlords that cannot be readily contacted

This program establishes an annual Residential Rental Certificate of Use registration, which allows us:

  • The ability to contact landlords, or their designee
  • Quicker assistance to address health and safety violations, minimum housing code complaints or emergency situations at residential rental units

Beginning October 1, 2013, each person who leases or rents a residential rental unit to a tenant or lessee will be required to obtain a Certificate of Use and pass a cursory exterior property inspection prior to entering into any lease, agreement, or renewal for the unit. This only applies to properties that are located within the Unincorporated Ares of Broward County. In order to obtain a Certificate of Use, an application along with the $75 annual registration fee must be submitted. A code enforcement officer will perform an exterior property inspection and an inspection report will be provided to the applicant indicating any outstanding code violations or lot-clearing liens or bills.

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Failure to register and obtain the required Certificate of Use may subject the property owner or landlord to additional civil penalties.


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