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Building Permits - Unincorporated Area
We review certain types of building permit applications in unincorporated Broward County before building permit applications can be accepted at the Permitting, Licensing and Consumer Protection Division. If your property is located within a municipality, please contact the appropriate city for information regarding building permits.

For review purposes, building permits are divided into two (2) categories:  major buildings which require a Development Order from us and minor buildings which do not require a Development Order and are processed by the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division. Please contact us to determine if a Development Order is required.

1.  Major Buildings - Development Order Required

Most major buildings, including a single family residence, require the issuance of a Development Order from us before a building permit application can be filed with the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division. Other construction, including on-site paving, parking lots, and interior renovations which add dwelling units or change the occupancy of the building, also require a Development Order. The purpose of this review is to determine the availability of adequate urban services, ensure compliance with specific development standards, and determine impact fee assessments when applicable.

What do I need to submit for approval?
You will need three (3) signed and sealed sets of plans are required which include: a property boundary survey, with a legal description of the property; a site plan showing the proposed buildings, driveways, parking spaces and layout of the site; a landscaping and lighting plan (if applicable); and construction plans in conformity with the South Florida Building Code.

Where do I start? 
Our staff will route you, with your plans and a Minor Review Application and Development Order, to all applicable review agencies (agencies to be determined by staff). You will "hand carry" your plans and documents to these agencies for their review and signatures. Some agencies will charge a review fee. 

After all required approvals have been secured, return to us to pay any applicable impact and application fees.  A Development Order authorizing you to apply for a building permit will be issued.

How long will this take?
It is possible to complete the Development Order process within two (2) weeks; however, the time needed to complete the Development Order review varies from project to project. For example, if your project will be serviced by a septic tank, a review by the Health Department may require additional time. Or, if your project is located in an independent drainage district, the review may take longer as well.

This procedure must be completed and all required signatures must be obtained within six (6) months of the date of the initial application or the Development Order will expire.

Where do I get my building permit?
Review for compliance with the South Florida Building Code (including structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire safety will occur AFTER the building permit application has been filed with the Permitting, Licensing and Consumer Protection Division. Please contact the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division regarding building permit application requirements and time frames for obtaining a building permit.

2.  Minor Buildings - No Development Order Required

Most minor buildings are reviewed by the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division prior to filing an builidng permit application with that Division. Typical projects in this category include "small scale" construction such as swimming pools, decks, patios, fences, sheds (under 250 sq. ft.), exterior above-ground renovations, residential driveways, interior renovations which do not add dwelling units or change the occupancy of the building, and other minor additions to single family homes. (NOTE:  Storage tanks are also reviewed by us.)

Please contact the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division for information regarding minor building requirements.