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1 North University Drive, Suite 102
Plantation, FL 33324

The Broward County Board of Commissioners has established Chapter 27 of the Broward County Code also Known as the Broward County Natural Resource Protection Code to protect and preserve the natural resources of Broward County. Section 27-66 of the code requires that any persons wanting to "develop, construct or alter any real property, structure or facility" shall obtain an environmental review approval of the appropriate construction plans.

Our function is to process applications for approval required by 27-66 and make sure these projects are in compliance with the Broward County Natural Resource Protection Code.

It is the final check that the county performs before the construction of a project to assure that all the appropriate environmental construction licenses and approvals have been issued and is a requirement of the Florida Building Code, Section 104.3. In addition, it is also an opportunity to inform the applicant of any environmental operation licenses which will be required when the project is complete and to add the facility to a compliance list for follow up by the appropriate environmental program.

A list of projects that need Environmental Review Approval prior to issuance of any permit or approval by a County or Municipal Agency in accordance with section 27-66 of the code can be found in the  Environmental Review Approval Guide.