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Site Plans - Unincorporated Area
The information provided below is a general summary of the County's site plan process. The specific regulations, contained in the Broward County Land Development Code, have been adopted by ordinance of the County Commission and cannot be superseded by this presentation of information. Please contact us for details.

When is Site Plan Review Required?
This procedure applies to projects in the unincorporated area of Broward County only.

If your project is located within a municipality, please contact the city for information about the city's site planning process.

Generally, most projects in the unincorporated area will require either a full final site plan review or a minor site plan review, prior to applying for a building permit.

Review Types
Optional Conceptual Site Plan - For informational purposes, the applicant may choose to file a conceptual site plan, prior to submitting an application for final site plan approval. The applicant will receive written comments from the review agencies which can be used to evaluate the feasibility of the plan. The conceptual site plan requires submittal of 22 sets of plans, a 45 day review period, no neighborhood/municipal notification and a minimal application fee.

Full Review - This type of review requires submittal of 25-40 sets of plans, up to a 45 day review process, which includes approximately 20 County and State agencies, all unincorporated neighborhood associations within one (1) mile of the site and all municipalities within two (2) miles of the site, along with an application fee. Any project consisting of 20 or more residential units or 10,000 or more non-residential square feet will require a full review. However, based upon a project's location or use, in conjunction with the neighborhood notification/municipal notification requirements, the Planning and Redevelopment Division Director has the discretion to require a full review for many projects that do not exceed these criteria.

Minor Review - This type of review involves submittal of three (3) sets of signed and sealed plans (which include survey, site plan, landscape plan, lighting plan, and construction plans), a maximum of a six (6) month review period from the date the application is routed, no neighborhood/municipality notification and an application fee. The applicant will be required to route (carry) the plans to several review agencies for approval. Most minor reviews are small additions to existing sites. The Planning and Redevelopment Division Director has the discretion to determine if a project requires a full review as explained above.

Site Plan Review Committee
Prior to submitting a site plan (full review or minor review), it is recommended that the applicant meet with the Site Plan Review Committee, which consists of several of the key review agencies. This optional meeting takes place on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Planning and Environmental Regulation Division Conference Room (Government Center West). If the applicant does not choose to attend this meeting, it is recommended they visit the key agencies (Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division; Highway Construction and Engineering; Traffic Engineering; Fire Marshal; Environmental Engineering and Licensing; Water Resources; and FDOT) prior to submitting their site plan.

Site Plan Review Committee Procedures

  1. An applicant who schedules a Site Plan Review Committee meeting, will be given a registration form, a list of documentation they should bring to the meeting, a site plan diagram and an explanation of the site plan review process.

  2. Applicants who wish to be placed on a Site Plan Review Committee Meeting will be given a registration form which will indicate the time and date of the meeting, the proposed development and address. In addition, the form will state that if the applicant fails to show up for the meeting without notifying the Site Plan Review Coordinator the day before the meeting, then the applicant must pay a $150.00 fee before they can be scheduled for another Site Plan Review Committee Meeting. Copies of the registration form will be distributed to the Site Plan Review Committee at the meeting. Each member of the Committee will write their comments on this form and transmit (fax or e-mail) them to the Site Plan Review Coordinator within five (5) working days of the meeting. The Site Plan Review Coordinator will attach all comments and send them to the applicant within seven (7) working days of the meeting.

  3. The Site Plan Review Coordinator will call the applicant two (2) days before the meeting to remind them of their appointment. The applicant will also be reminded that if they fail to show up for the meeting without having notified the Site Plan Review Coordinator the day before the meeting, then they must pay a $150.00 fee before they can be scheduled for another meeting.

  4. The Site Plan Review Coordinator will not allow the meetings to exceed the designated time limit by over five (5) minutes.

  5. A standby list will be maintained in case of cancellations.

  6. The applicant should bring the following items to the site plan meeting:

    • Survey
    • Conceptual site plan
    • If landscape retrofit, applicant should bring a copy of the original site plan, which may be obtained from the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division, located on the 1st floor, Government Center West, 1 North University Drive, Plantation.

Mandatory Pre-Application Conference
Prior to submitting an application for a full review final site plan, the applicant must attend a mandatory pre-application conference with staff to discuss filing requirements, submittal fees, impact fees, plat restrictions, time frames, neighborhood/municipal notification and sign posting procedures.

Sign Posting
The applicant has seven (7) working days after filing an application for a full review final site plan to post a site plan sign in a visible location along each street frontage, along with submitting an affidavit of proof of posting. The sign, hardware, and 12-foot metal pole must be obtained from us and be posted by the applicant.  A deposit is required for each sign. The sign, pole, and hardware must be returned disassembled, to us after the 45 day review period has elapsed and before a site plan can receive a final sign-off. The deposit will be returned after the sign(s) is returned.

Time Frames
There is no required submittal deadline for site plans. Once a full review final site plan application is submitted, the Planning and Redevelopment Division Director has seven (7) working days in which to accept or reject the application if it is incomplete. If the application is accepted, the 45 day review period will commence from the date the site plan was submitted. After 45 days has elapsed, the applicant will receive an "Approval With Conditions Letter" or an "Intent To Deny Letter," along with all pertinent Review Agency, municipal, and neighborhood comments attached. If an "Intent To Deny Letter" is issued, the applicant has 14 days to correct the deficiency. If not, the site plan will be issued a "Denial Letter." If an "Approval With Conditions Letter" is issued, the applicant has six (6) months to make the necessary modifications and obtain a final site plan sign-off from the Planning and Redevelopment Director (Site Plan Development Order); otherwise, the site plan will expire. The applicant must submit eight (8) sets of the signed and sealed, corrected plans (site plan, survey, landscape & lighting plan) and be routed (walk-through) for sign-offs from the commenting review agencies within the six (6) month time frame. In addition, all written comments from neighborhoods and municipalities attached to the letter must be responded to in writing by the applicant.

After the site plan receives a final site plan sign-off (Site Plan Development Order), the applicant has 15 months in which to obtain a building permit; otherwise, the site plan will expire. At this point, the applicant must route three (3) sets of signed and sealed construction plans to most of the same agencies that signed off on the site plan and obtain stamps on the construction plans and signatures on a yellow routing sheet. The applicant has six (6) months in which to accomplish this; otherwise, the yellow routing sheet will expire. After this has been accomplished, the applicant will receive a Building Permit Development Order from us. The applicant may then proceed to the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division to apply for a building permit.

Expired Site Plan
If a full review site plan expires, the applicant may be required to resubmit for a full review (45 day review process, etc.). At the very least, an applicant must repay the (full review) submittal fees and obtain the applicable signatures for a new site plan sign-off (Site Plan Development Order).

Site Plan Amendment/Revision
A site plan may be amended or revised at any time, and may require a full review depending on the nature of the change. A small addition or minor modification to a site plan may constitute a minor review. This would require the applicant to submit and route eight (8) sets of site plans and three (3) sets of construction plans, along with a minimum application fee.

Minimal Site Plan requirements
All site plans must be 24" x 36" and drawn at a scale no less than 1"= 50'. Site plans must have an accurate legal description, location sketch, a north arrow and a clearly defined boundary. In addition, a site data table must be shown and include: gross acreage, net acreage, building square footage and proposed use, number of dwelling units, required number of parking spaces, number of parking spaces provided, building height and pervious and impervious area figures in square feet and percentage. A commercial site plan must have a minimum of 30% pervious area, an industrial site plan must have a minimum of 25% pervious area, and a residential site plan must have a minimum of 40% pervious area.

Plat & Zoning Restrictions
Prior to submitting a site plan, applicants should check with Planning and Environmental Regulation  staff to ensure the property does not need to be platted and that the proposed use is consistent with any plat note restriction. In addition, applicants should consult with the Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division staff to determine if the proposed use complies with the zoning regulations and if any variances are needed. Applications which require platting, are inconsistent with the plat note, and/or do not comply with the zoning regulations cannot be approved.

Final Site Plan Checklist
Applications for Final Site Plan Approval must include the following before they can be accepted by front counter staff:

  1. Pre-Application Receipt
  2. Application

  • Application must be fully completed, notarized, and include:
  • Submittal fee per the fee schedule
  • Land Use Plan designation
  • Zoning designation
  • Proposed use and square footage

  1. Site Plan, Survey, Lighting Plan, and Landscape Plan (total number of sets as indicated on pre-application receipt)
  2. Submit folded sets (9" x 12")
  3. Indicate building heights on site plan
  4. Building square footage on site plan must be equal to proposed square footage indicated on application
  5. Site plan boundaries must be clearly defined
  6. Pervious area and parking area calculations must be included on site plan.
  7. Copy of Tax Notice from the Records, Taxes & Treasury Division.
  8. Non-Residential Site Plans within 300 feet of residential areas must submit a statement which explains method(s) for mitigating any potential impacts to adjacent residential areas.
  9. Sign(s) The applicant is responsible for picking up, posting, and returning the site plan notification sign(s). The poles for signs are 12' in length.