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Energy Efficiency Partner

Government Center West Green Showcase

Are you a company or organization that specializes or is involved in the promotion of energy efficiency? Partner with Broward County’s Government Center West Green Showcase to pitch your products and services while helping us go green! This is a perfect opportunity for your business to bolster its environmental reputation and push its products into the public eye. You can become an energy partner at Broward by sponsoring products like this:

  • Occupancy and daylight sensors (to help regulate lighting usage)
  • High efficiency light bulbs
  • Energy efficient appliances for staff break rooms
  • Solar film/glaze (reduces heat penetration through windows, leading to less use of AC)
  • Educational signage about how to be energy efficient

We will showcase and display your company’s logo and corporate message throughout the building and diverse marketing outlets. Your presence in the GCW Green Showcase will reinforce the public’s perception of your corporate environmental responsibility, garnering respect, trust and customer loyalty.