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GCW Green Showcase Partner: IKEA
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Government Center West Green Showcase

IKEA is a Gold Sponsor of the GCW Green Showcase. As part of the showcase, IKEA's Sunrise store installed a comfy lounge area
in the GCW lobby where customers can relax and learn about IKEA's sustainability initiatives. Visitors can now wait and relax in
style while learning, for instance, how IKEA retrofits their existing stores with grey water systems so that roof run-off water can
be used for toilet flushing! Can you imagine how much water would be conserved if similar practices were adopted by other
retailers and businesses in Broward County? To find out more, stop by the lounge!

IKEA Lounge at GCW IKEA Lounge at GCW


Inter IKEA Systems B.V. was established in 1983 in the Netherlands. It was founded to conceptualize the IKEA business model into what today has become the IKEA Concept. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. works with a number of global partners that contribute to the IKEA Concept and support the IKEA franchisees.

For Business Year 2013:

      • 345 IKEA stores in 42 countries were open and operating by the end of the year
      • IKEA stores were visited 775 million times during the year
      • IKEA retail sales totalled EUR 29.2 billion
      • The majority of the 151,000 IKEA employees work in IKEA stores
      • The area of all IKEA stores combined was 9.9 million square meters
      • The 2013 "IKEA Catalog" application was downloaded close to 10 million times
      • IKEA websites were visited more than 1.2 billion times during the year


 Stay up to date on all the latest decorating trends with IKEA:

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