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GCW Green Showcase Partner: POM Energy Concepts, Inc.
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Government Center West Green Showcase

POM Energy Concepts, Inc. (POM) is a Gold Sponsor of the GCW Green Showcase. As part of the showcase, POM installed a PowerGUARD surge suppressor that protects agaist lightning, spikes and surges and also provides energy savings.

 PowerGUARD unit    

The PowerGUARD unit incorporates unique technology that provides electrical protection, improved power quality and energy savings. PowerGUARD is an ETL rated Type 2 surge protector. It has been tested to withstand 20,000 amps and is certified to comply with UL1449 3rd edition. Extended operational life and reliability of electrical equipment is an added benefit. Other installations in Broward County include the GTL Wastewater Treatment Facility in Fort Lauderdale and the City of Coconut Creek.

Subsequent testing of the GCW unit has shown energy savings that would result in a payback of less than three years, which would help the county achieve its goal of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020.

POM recently moved production of its PowerGUARD units from New York to Weston, providing jobs in Broward County.

For more information, connect with POM Energy Concepts, Inc. at:




PowerGUARD unit
Government Center West