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Risk Management

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Broward County Board of County Commissioners is protected by a property insurance program led by several companies, including Lexington Insurance Company, Westchester, Lloyds of London, Berkshire Hathaway, Swiss Re and others.​

Pursuant to Statute 627.4137, Broward County Board of County Commissioners is fully self insured and self administered for Auto, General Liability, and Worker’s Compensation coverage and does not separately purchase a commercial policy.
In accordance with Florida Statute 768.28 since May 10, 1977, Broward County is protected to the extent of statutory limits and we do not waive sovereign immunity. The Workers’ Compensation program operates in compliance with and under the auspices of Chapter 440 of Florida Statutes.

Self-Insurance Letter

If you have a business need for such a letter please contact the Insurance Requirements and Contracts Section at 954-357-6097.

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