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Terminal 2 Expansion:
Project Identification-Project consists of the expansion of the existing baggage claim area into the adjoining 28,000 square-foot warehouse, stair and ramp improvements, new toilet facilities, air conditioning, lighting, two new elevators and fire protection upgrades.

U.S. Customs Interior Improvements:
Interior improvements to Bays 4, 5 & 6 within the Foreign Trade Zone, replacing temporary office areas with permanent facilities. The overall project work includes concrete, masonry block walls, miscellaneous structural steel, waterproofing, roof insulation, built-up roofing system, roof accessories, hollow metal doors and frames, hardware, glazing, interior finishes, drywall partitions, painting, and furnishings. Also included is plumbing, fire protection, heating-ventilating, air conditioning, electrical systems, lighting, data, and communication – alarm signal systems.

Berth 28 Bollard Replacement:
This project consists of three different operations:
 Demolition, removal and disposal of the collapsed bollard structure.
 Construction of a new replacement structure.
 Construction of a catwalk from the existing Berth 29 pier to allow foot traffic to the bollard.

On ongoing effort is underway to locate the utility infrastructure within the Port jurisdictional area. To-date, all Fire Hydrants have been located with Global Positioning System (GPS) accuracy and unique identification numbers assigned to each. Roof repairs within Port Everglades are monitored via a roof maintenance application developed within the GIS software.

Port Building Fire Alarm Upgrades:
This project is intended to upgrade the fire alarm systems for Buildings 6, 16, 21a, 46/47, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 612, the Public Works Building, and the Southport Crane Maintenance Building. The work includes, the installation of feeders, breakers and conductors, alarm devices, smoke detectors, main panels, and other related work.

Port Security Enhancements:
This project started in response to attempts to stop drug trafficking, the flow of stolen vehicles and cash laundering which Port Everglades was experiencing during the late 1990s.  Soon after September 11, 2001, the project took on a priority status, with emphasis on addressing the Port’s vulnerabilities presented by potential terrorism.

Construction on improvements started in early 2003.  The construction of a Security Operations Center got underway.  Securing those portions of the port where access took place unchecked followed with the installation of the Southport fence, a project requiring the installation of security fence along the western edge of the port in Southport, from Eller Drive to the Dania cut-off canal.  Next was the construction of the Eller Drive roadside gate and the McIntosh Road roadside gate.  These gates control access to the port, insuring that only those with reasons to be at the Port enter.

The construction of a Security Wall separating fuel storage facilities from direct view and direct access from US1 was next.  Approximately 1,600 feet of concrete, 12 feet high were installed, providing a first line of defense to this vulnerable area.

In the meantime, more than 13 miles of underground conduit was put in place from Southport, through Midport, up to Northport.  This security conduit carries the backbone that provides secured communications, data and Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) in support of the Port Security Plan and its systems.  The installation of CCTV, intercom and access control followed the completion of the installation of the security conduit.  With passageway in place, fiber optics were installed, bringing all field installed devices to the Security Operations Center.

The Eisenhower Boulevard gate and Southeast 20th Street sally port gate were constructed next.  At present, the Spangler Boulevard and the Southeast 14th Avenue gates are under construction, anticipating completion by the end of March 2005.

Electronically controlled access to the docks through gates at strategic locations is the next phase, followed by the installation of a temporary ID processing center to handle both port IDs and the Florida Uniform Personnel Access Credential (FUPAC) and the Federal Transportation Worker’s Identification Card (TWIC).


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