Urban Suburban Retrofit

Existing developments, such as business parks, shopping plazas, condominiums or apartment complexes present multiple opportunities to improve water quality, reduce flooding, provide wildlife habitat and increase aesthetic value through the use of green technologies. These green approaches may be retrofitted into existing stormwater management features or constructed on sites lacking stormwater management infrastructure.

Parking lots and roof areas are good places to look for retrofit opportunities. Parking lots generate large amounts of stormwater runoff. Additionally, their high visibility can offer great demonstration value, proving that integrating stormwater management using green technologies can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Existing commercial/industrial sites often make excellent candidates for the incorporation of green infrastructure elements through the stormwater retrofit process. Please see the design features pages for details about green infrastructure practices and the retrofit page for further information.

Green technologies for integrating stormwater management on urban/suburban single-family home sites:

  • Naturescape with native vegetation to reduce water and fertilizer use
  • Cisterns/Rain Barrels
  • Rain Gardens
  • Bioretention
  • Bioswales
  • Stormwater Wetlands
  • Green Roofs
  • Permeable Pavements