Administration building Located at this facility are our Administrative Offices, Engineering and Project Management Section, Field Operations Supervisors and our Field Crews. On the grounds are the Assembly Hall, Stock Room, Small Engine Shop and our Welding Shop. Additionally, recycled and reusable road materials are transported to and stored in our backyard. Hours of Operation are: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Our fleet of trucks, large equipment, roadway materials, and a filtering machine are housed in the yard. More information on how we reuse materials.

trucks The Administrative Staff provides support and services for more than 80 field personnel and their supervisors as well as project managers and engineers. Our office records and tracks all Customer Service Requests relating to conditions on our roadways and bridges as well as general inquiries. These requests are received at 954-357-6040, online via our Service Request Form or our emails at, or

assembly hall Our Assembly Hall serves to accommodate safety and division meetings as well as