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Organization and Committee Information


I want to develop property in Broward County. How will Complete Streets principles affect me?

  • By using Complete Streets principles in your development, you are ensuring the site will be interconnected with the larger transportation network and provide residents, visitors and employees with a range of transportation options.
  • As has been the case, and as required by Florida Statute, new development must be consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the Comprehensive Plan. Complete Streets has been incorporated into the County’s Comprehensive Plan, facilitating the need for new development to comply with these additions.
  • Broward County is in the process of updating land development regulations and other applicable codes for implementing Complete Streets and all new development will be required to meet these standards.
  • Complete Streets may require the modification of the Broward County Trafficways Plan if either an increase or reduction in right-of-way is needed for a project or a context sensitive corridor designation is desired. However, many Complete Streets projects consist of reconfiguring the roadway within the current right-of-way, thereby eliminating the need for an amendment to the​ Trafficways Plan. For more information, please visit the Broward County Planning Council website.​

Municipality Complete Streets Information

For information on what municipalities across Broward County are doing related to Complete Streets, please visit the various municipal websites.​​​​​​​​​​​​