Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are the drawbridges operational?

Our drawbridges are operated on demand 24/7.

May I speak with the Bridge Tender or tour the bridge house?

Only authorized personnel are permitted in the bridge house. The drawbridges may be hailed on VHF Channel 9 to request an opening.

How often do the bridges open and close for navigational traffic?

Three Broward County drawbridges open on signal (demand) except for the hours of 7:30 to 9 a.m. and 4:30 to 6 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays when they are locked down to accommodate rush-hour vehicular traffic. Only law enforcement vessels, tugs with tows and vessels in distress can cause the bridge to open during those times.

How do I signal the bridge to open?

You can signal the bridge tender either over the radio or by using an audible signal. One prolonged blast followed by one short blast with your horn will cause a response from the bridge tender. You can also hail the bridge tender using Channel 9 on your radio. In consideration of the close proximity of residences to the drawbridge, it is customary to use VHF communications; however, signals are permissible.

Will the Andrews Avenue Bridge open for inbound vessels when the draw span of the FEC Railroad Bridge is in the closed position for the passage of a train?

The Andrews Avenue Bridge is not obligated to open when the FEC Railroad Bridge is in the closed position for the passage of a train.

How do I report a problem with one of the three drawbridges that Broward County owns?

You can call 954-357-6040 to report any problems with our bridges. You can also post details of the problem here.

Who has jurisdiction of the other drawbridges in Broward County?

Here is a list of the drawbridges in Broward County and who has jurisdiction over them:

Florida Department of Transportation (listed south to north): 954-777-4090 or 954-776-4300

  • Hallandale Beach Boulevard
  • Hollywood Beach Boulevard
  • Sheridan Street
  • Dania Beach Boulevard
  • Southeast 17th Street Causeway
  • Davie Boulevard
  • Las Olas Boulevard
  • Sunrise Boulevard
  • Oakland Park Boulevard
  • Commercial Boulevard
  • Atlantic Boulevard
  • Northeast 14th Street
  • Hillsboro Inlet
  • Hillsboro Boulevard

City of Fort Lauderdale:

  • Southwest 11th Avenue Swing Bridge