Field Operation Support


The Division's facility on Blount Road houses our trucks and equipment as well as our Administrative offices and it is here where we store, service, fabricate and repair the equipment that our crews use in the field.

We have a stockroom/warehouse in which we store and secure our small equipment and their components. All portable equipment is tracked when it is issued to field personnel.small engine shop

The Small Engine Repair Shop is used by crews to maintain and repair our mowers, blowers, edgers, saws, tampers, drills, generators and other small equipment to keep them running in tip-top condition.

welderIn our Welding Shop, crews customize our trucks and trailers, repair bridge railing, fence and guardrails, create fixtures, gates, and mounting brackets, repair shoots for our chipper trucks and much more, saving Broward County thousands of dollars by doing the work in-house.roadside debris

Roadside debris collected from project sites throughout the County is sorted and stockpiled at our facility yard for either reuse or landfill disposal.

trucks separating dirt from debrisWe separate the dirt from the debris that  crews pick up on our project sites, and it is later reused for clean fill in our road maintenance and construction projects throughout the County.