Frequently Asked Questions

How does the spray request work? 
Mosquito spraying is a free service provided by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. You contact our office by phone or mosquito spray request form, and provide us with your name, telephone number, address including the city and zip code, name of your development (if applicable), and gate code (if applicable). Then, your location will be scheduled to be sprayed by a truck. 
What chemical do you use when spraying?
The chemical is called Biomist 3+15.  
Can I request an aerial (airplane) spraying?
Areas to be sprayed by airplane must meet state requirements. These areas are determined by the Mosquito Control Manager after testing has been done and limits have been met.
How frequently can I request a spray?
Anytime there are mosquitos outside of your residence.
Who can I contact if I have a problem with bees?
You can contact a beekeeper or pest control Service. Telephone numbers are listed in the Yellow Pages.
Who can I contact if I have whitefly or other insects?
Call 954-357-5270-Broward Extension Education/A Partnership with The University of Florida – Institute of Food & Agricultural Science or The University of Florida – Institute of Food & Agricultural Science (, or the University of Florida – Tropical Research (
Who can I contact to report an abandoned pool or a neighbor who is not maintaining their pool?
You can call the State of Florida Health Department/Environmental Health at 954-467-4705. Additionally, you can report the problem to your city Code Enforcement office.
If you have additional questions, you can contact Mosquito Control at 954-765-4062 or submit your question(s) to the Biologist.