Green Lights Program

GoGreen Seal of SustainabilityBroward County is improving traffic flow through our “Green Lights Program” to coordinate traffic signals along our major streets. We are continually re-timing our most frequently traveled roadways as part of our program. Drivers traveling along streets where signal re-timing is in effect will experience fewer delays and more green lights. When you drive at the posted speed limit, you will you pass through more continuous green lights during your trip.

The primary benefit to signal coordination is to improve traffic flow and reduce delays and stops. Reducing the number of unnecessary stops along our busiest streets will:
  • Minimize fuel consumption
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce travel delays
  • Reduce economic losses
  • Improve safety

Green Lights Program

Media Articles

Broward East-Central Synchronization Project - State Energy Program Grant (Commercial Boulevard, Oakland Park Boulevard, and Sunrise Boulevard Synchronization Refinements)


We are interested in receiving feedback of your experiences along the streets where these changes are being implementedper the Green Lights Program.

  • What are you experiencing on a particular street where these changes have been implemented?
  • Are you consistently braking for red lights on a major street? If so, let us know and we will review the pattern in relationship to other traffic signals along the major street.
  • Let us know where you see improvements – fewer reds and more green lights!
 Share your experience with the GREEN LIGHTS Strike Force!

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