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Subject to Terms of Social Media Service Provider and Broward County

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are free services, and as such are susceptible to the interruptions and outages inherent in using any Internet based program. Broward County’s participation in these services is offered as a public convenience to share information about Broward County Board of County Commissioners’ (Broward County) programs, services, events and activities. Broward County cannot guarantee these services will be available or functional at all times. When participants register for these services they are subject to the terms of use as provided by the service providers as well as the Broward County terms of use stated herein.

Subject to Text Messaging Rates

Participants are encouraged to research details of their cell phone contract with regard to the cost of text messaging. Standard text messaging rates may apply if you choose to receive tweets through text messaging on your cell phone. Broward County is not responsible for any such charges.

Subject to Florida Public Records Laws

Most of Broward County’s communications on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are one-way posts and for informational purposes only. All information posted to a social media site by Broward County is considered a public record under the State of Florida’s Public Records Law and as such will be archived for the required retention period and available to any person upon request.

Subject to Florida’s Sunshine Law, County Ordinances and Procurement Code

Broward County’s communications on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that allow public posts are subject to the Florida Sunshine Laws, Broward County’s Procurement Code and the Broward County Code of Ordinances. Therefore, the following public posts are prohibited:

  1. Two-way interactive discussions between members of any Broward County task force(s), committee(s), subcommittee(s), advisory board(s) and board(s) on matters which will foreseeably come before the members for official action. These discussions are required to be held in a meeting that has been properly advertised and noticed to the public.
  2. Two-way interactive discussions that could be perceived as negotiation between vendors and Broward County staff who are engaged in the negotiations process for a pending solicitation matter. Broward County’s Procurement Code requires these negotiations to be held in a meeting that has been properly advertised and noticed to the public.
  3. Two-way interactive discussions relating to matters which are prohibited by the “cone of silence” which is triggered during a procurement process to ensure fairness to all vendors competing for Broward County’s business. The cone of silence is mandated by the Broward County Code of Ordinances.
  4. Any other communications prohibited by local, County, State or federal laws or regulations.

Last modified: July 9, 2013.