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The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the County's sidewalk program which consists of evaluating new sidewalk locations as well as completing missing links of sidewalks, within the unincorporated areas as well as County roadways.

New developments are normally required through the platting process (which is handled by the Planning and Design Section) to have sidewalks installed as a part of their project. In doing so, this may create missing links of sidewalks within older developments which may not have been required to install sidewalks.

New roadway projects may have been given waivers for standard sidewalks on both sides of the road in order to install a wider sidewalk on one side of the road. This may also create missing links of sidewalks.

Upon receiving a request, staff visit the site to determine if the area is safe for pedestrians and if there is ample room for the installation to avoid such conflicts as utilities poles, drainage, etc.

If the determination is made that the proposed sidewalk is warranted, staff coordinate with the Highway Construction & Engineering Division for the installation of the new sidewalk.

If you would like further information on this program, please call 954-847-2671 or e-mail

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