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Karen Smith recycling at work

Recycling in government agencies and offices is among the many ways Broward County practices sound environmental stewardship. Recycling preserves valuable resources, reduces greenhouse gases, and keeps Broward County government at the forefront of environmental protection.

A few simple steps can help ensure that your agency is actively engaged in waste reduction and on the path to reduce, reuse and recycle in all County offices.

Waste Reduction

Employees are encouraged to:

Purchase only the amount of supplies needed

  • Purchase durable products
  • Use e-mail for memos, messages, reports and other information
  • Make double-sided copies
  • Edit and proofread on the computer screen before printing
  • Use the special features provided by the computer before printing documents (i.e. spelling, grammar, shrink to fit, etc.)
  • Store files on computer disks or use disk management
  • Use paper already used on one side for drafts and notes
  • Share journals, magazines, newspapers and newsletters within agencies and offices instead of ordering multiple copies
  • Post announcements on a common bulletin board
  • Work with vendors to ship materials in returnable, recyclable packaging, or use less materials


Purchase products that can be reused rather than thrown away:

  • Drink from reusable cups or mugs instead of disposable ones
  • Reuse envelopes, file folders, dividers and binders
  • Reuse outdated letterhead to print drafts, or as notepaper
  • Reuse/swap office furniture and equipment


All of the following accepted items can be placed together in the recycling bin.

  • Computer, copy and fax paper*
  • Files and folders, dividers (no plastic index tabs)
  • Sticky notes
  • Paperback books
  • Chipboard (lightweight cardboard)
  • Magazines, journals and catalogues
  • Flyers, brochures and pamphlets
  • Ledger paper, color paper
  • Cardboard
  • Telephone directories
  • Newspapers
  • All paper envelopes (including window)
  • Narrow-neck plastic bottles**
  • All glass beverage containers**
  • Aluminum and steel metal cans**
  • Aseptic packaging (juice and soup boxes)**
  • Gable-top containers (milk and juice cartons)**

*All waste paper can be recycled with the exception of carbon paper, old blueprints, laminated paper or heavily soiled paper.

**All food and beverage containers must be emptied and rinsed.

Buying Recycled

Whenever practical and economical, County offices and agencies are encouraged to purchase recycled-content products to close the recycling loop and increase the success of our program.


Contact the Government Offices Recycling Program (Solid Waste and Recycling Services) at
954-474-1868 to:

  • Request a recycling assessment for your agency or office
  • Request recycling bins, carts or dumpsters
  • Provide employee training or instruct custodial staff on proper recycling procedures
  • Arrange for hauler collection of recycled materials

Contact the Building Manager or Facilities Maintenance Division to:

  • Request a waste container

Contact the Purchasing Division to:

  • Request assistance with specifications (Broward County agencies only) for purchasing recycled-content products whenever practical and cost-effective.


To provide a cost-effective method of reducing waste, reusing items (when possible), and recycling all acceptable materials in all Broward County agencies and offices.

Broward County government is committed to a program that maximizes waste reduction, reuse and recycling in its daily operations. Because recycling is a key component of waste management, each employee and agency is encouraged to reduce waste generation through the practices outlined below.

For more information about the Government Office Recycling Program, please call 954-474-1868.