Other Outdoor Tips

Don’t fill in swales, the grassy contours that are found between homes and next to driveways and sidewalks. Keep the swales clean and free of garbage, mulch, leaves and other debris. Don’t plant trees or shrubs in the bottom of a swale or park your car on it. These areas are part of your neighborhood water management system and help filter pollutants before they make their way into our water supply.

Wrong place When washing your car, park it on the lawn instead of the driveway. That way, the water doesn’t run off down the street and instead nourishes the grass—don’t worry, the soap won’t harm your lawn.. Use soap and water from a bucket so you don’t have to leave the water running. Always use a hose with a shut-off nozzle for a quick final rinse. These same ideas also apply when washing your pets! Speaking of pets, make sure that you know the doggie “don’ts” for dealing with your doggie’s “doo.” Your pet’s waste can wash off your yard and eventually into a nearby water body, where its organic components can break down and damage water quality.

Collect your pet’s waste and dispose of it in the garbage.

Finally, don't dump oil, paint, cleaning products, or other chemicals in your yard, on the driveway, or at the curb where they can run off into our water bodies. Instead, follow the directions on the label for disposal or take them to a Broward Household Hazardous Waste facility. Call the Broward County Waste and Recycling Services at 954-765-4999 for more information or  visit their Web Site.

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