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Broward County Water and Wastewater Projects

Below are the following projects that will be implemented in Lighthouse Point

  • Project 1: Broward County will be constructing a water main from NE 23 Avenue to NE 42 Street along NE 39 Street and NE 27 Terrace. The purpose of this project is to improve fire protection and water pressure along the route, the area of the Yacht Club and areas south. This work will require excavation within the streets noted. As part of this work a new water main will be installed over the bridge at the North Grand Canal (NE 22 Avenue between NE 44 Street and NE 44 Court). It is estimated that this work will be completed by September 2012.
  • Project 2: A force main along NE 45 Street, between NE 31 Avenue and NE 44 Court will be replaced due to age and several failures which have occurred this past year. Excavation within the street right-of-way will be required. This work will be performed in conjunction with Project 1 above.
  • Project 3: Over the next 3 years the County will be rehabilitating the sanitary sewer system throughout the City. The sanitary sewer system has been in service for over 40 years and has developed numerous leaks and broken pipes. The work will repair the main lines and individual services to the right-of-way of each residence, as required. The majority of the work is presently envisioned to be completed using “trenchless technologies”. This means from inside the pipe without digging. This also means the impact to residents should be minimized. Two exceptions will be the need for excavating a small area for the installation of a clean-out on each property service lateral at the right-of-way line. These clean-outs are required for the repair work being done now and to remove any blockages which may occur in the future. The second exception will be where existing pumping stations are rehabilitated.

Broward County will continue to do all that is possible to maintain a safe and clean work area as this work progresses. However, from time to time traffic may be impacted, requests to curtail water usage may be requested and dirt and noise will exist. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Henry, Community Outreach Liaison at Broward County Project and Community Coordination Division (954-831-3281).

Click here to see the map for project boundary



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