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This webpage contains information on the Water and Wastewater Services (WWS) Utility Connection Permit (UCP). The UCP is the process by which WWS allows connection to or modification of its potable water, wastewater and/or reclaimed water systems. Installation or modification of water mains, fire protection double detector checks, fire hydrants, gravity sewer mains, force mains, lift stations, pump stations and sewer laterals almost always require a UCP. Installation of small diameter water services to a single building usually does not require a UCP.

Click here to determine if a property is within a WWS jurisdictional area. Click here for information on WWS design and construction standards. Click here for information on WWS land development standards.

The UCP permit process is a four step (part) process. Click here for more information.

Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (WWS) has implemented ePermit for its UCP process to enhance customer service. For WWS, ePermit means the electronic exchange of documents. Our goal is to electronically exchange documents to the maximum extent possible; however some documents continue to be paper based.

Applicants may choose to initiate a new project through the traditional paper-based process or use ePermit. Except as noted in the User's Guide, WWS will not accept paper based information for projects started through the ePermit process, and WWS will not accept electronic based design drawings, design drawing modifications, record drawings or easement documents for projects started through the paper-based process.

Applicants can change from paper based to ePermit or visa-versa during the project. However doing so will require starting the permit process over from scratch, including repayment of plan review fees.

Click here to download a copy of the WWS ePermit User’s Guide which contains instructions on how to submit documents to WWS electronically and retrieve documents from WWS electronically. WWS encourages applicants to use the ePermit process. However applicants are advised that doing so requires the design professional of record, a professional surveyor certifying record drawings and the professional surveyor preparing easement documents to have digital signature capability as described in the User's Guide. Digital signatures require purchase of a digital ID from an independent source.

The following documents and forms are associated with the four parts of the UCP. They are applicable to either the paper-based or ePermit method of obtaining a UCP.

All linked documents and forms are in Adobe PDF format.

Application for Plan Review Form and Instructions

Example UCP Project Design Drawings

Sample Fire Protection Level of Service – Fire Marshal or Fire Protection Specialist Letter

Sample Fire Protection Level of Service – Engineer of Record Letter

Sample Hydrant Location Letter

Application for Connection Construction (Corporation) Form and Instructions

Application for Connection Construction (Governmental Agency) Form and Instructions

Application for Connection Construction (Individual) Form and Instructions

Application for Connection Construction (Partnership) Form and Instructions

Connection Construction Approval (Issued by WWS)

Application for Release for Service Form and Instructions

Guideline for Partial Release of UCP Projects

Release for Service Forms 


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